Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A Brown Bear, A Moon and A Caterpillar. Treasured Stories By Eric Carle

Nathan and I went to watch Eric Carle's Treasured Stories that was presented by Mermaid Theatre. He really enjoys seeing his favourite characters on stage, and I can tell that he really enjoyed this play. He was laughing a lot and shouting out the names of the characters / fruits as they appeared on stage. I guess it helped that he's read the stories multiple times, and knows them by heart.

brown bear

The props used were really simple - mainly boards painted with flourescent paint that showed up real well in the dark. I liked that they used the illustrations right out of the book, so the kids could recognise them.

I was amazed that the entire play was put together by just 2 puppeteers. They were really skillful, manoeuvring the various props so seamlessly. The kids got a chance to ask questions at the end of the play, and the puppeteers showed us how some of the 'tricks' were carried out.

eric carle

The play runs till 29 July, and tickets are availabe from Sistic. A real treat for the kids! Grab your tickets if you have not done so. :)

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