Wednesday, July 25, 2012

10 Reasons Why I Am Glad I Quit My Full Time Job

It has been about 4 months since I left my full time job... and I am glad I did. Here's why...

1) I can stumble out of bed, take a shower and slip into my t-shirt and shorts, and not have to fuss over make up.

2) I can send my kids to school, and be the one to pick them up when they are done for the day... which means... I get to see their delighted looks when I peer thru the classroom window... have them run up to me with a big hug... and get to hear first hand the exciting things they did in school that day.

3) I get to lunch with Nathan... there are good days and bad days with this... some days, he feeds himself, eats fast, and we have small conversations over a leisurely lunch... some days, he takes ages to chew and swallow one mouthful of food.

4) I get to start my very own business, and dictate the hours when I should be working. Flexi-time! :) Though it might mean I put in more hours in total, I love what I'm doing.

5) I get to work at Coffee Bean or Macs, while I wait for the kids who at having fun at some enrichment class.

6) I get to shop when it is less crowded.

7) I get to see the husband more... on days when he's working at home as well.

8) I get to spend more time with the kids, reading books, painting, colouring, writing, eating ice cream, going to the playground.

9) I get to go on school excursions with the kids and participate in other school activities with them, without worrying about missing important meetings at work.

10) I save time commuting to and from work since I can work from home or anywhere I like.

Well... yeah... so it's been good. Sure there are downsides now that I don't have a full time job. Maybe I'll write a top 10 list of things I hate about not having a full time job next week.

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