Thursday, June 28, 2012

Mommy, is that for me?

Nathan saw this when I was packing my customers' orders for delivery, and went, "Mommy, look, a train! Is this for me? Is this for me?" I couldn't bear to turn down such an earnest request, so I said "yes". Thankfully a new shipment of Melissa & Doug toys had just arrived, and I had more than enough to fulfill the orders I had on hand.


So for the next 20 minutes or so... he went about painting his train. Although it says ages 4+, Nathan was able to manage pretty well. Maybe the paint work wasn't even, and I had to help him wash the brush when he wanted to change colours, other than that, he didn't really have much difficulty. When the paint was dry, he needed help with pasting some of the stickers on, since that required more precision. Otherwise, it is a simple and fun craft. Everything that is needed is included in the pack, and after he was done with painting the train, we still had lots of paint left over.


He was very pleased that he has painted his own train, and went about showing off his very own creation. I like that this is a fuss free project. It is simple enough to be completed in half an hour for younger kids, and for older kids, they can probably spend more time painting it nicely if they like. At just $6.90 a pack, I think these make wonderful party favours, and could even be a birthday party activity (if you can't think up enough activities to entertain the kids)! Beats having candies and chocolates that aren't good for the kids.



There are many other designs - race car, vehicle magnets, princess magnets, spinning tops, mini treasure chest etc. Check out There are also DIY door plaques which make pretty deco on the kids' bedroom door. 

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