Saturday, June 16, 2012

I Like to Move It, Move It!

Eversince we took Nathan to the zoo about 3 weeks ago, he has been asking to watch 'the animal show' on TV. He's referring to the first Madagascar movie which he watched bits and pieces of. So when I found out the Marina Square was having a Madagascar 3 Meet & Greet, I took the opportunity to bring him down to catch them 'live'. Nathan takes a nap from 12+ to 3+ everyday, and we have to pick Noah up from daycare in the evening, so the only timeslot that was good for us was the 4pm show. I wasn't confident of getting a Meet & Greet pass since we couldn't get there early, but we just prayed and went anyway. At the very least, we'd just watch them sing and dance on stage. Thing was, we got there 10 minutes before they started distributing passes, and we were one of the last families in the queue to get a pass. He was trilled to be able to take a photo with Alex. :)

Photo with Alex

To complete the experience, I decided to take him to watch Madagascar 3 at the cinema as well. It was his first time in the cinema, and the last movie I watched at the theatres before this one was more than 3 years ago. So it was a real treat for both of us. :) Best part was, the day that we were both free and able to make it for the movies was a Tuesday. Did you know that tickets are $2 cheaper on Tuesdays? I didn't. So I was pleasantly surprised. Nathan hardly gets to watch TV at home, but he's very capable of sitting through a 60+ minute show if we allow him. He sat through his entire movie, enjoyed it so much, he said he wanted to do it again... and to bring daddy and Noah next time round. :)

I got the tickets!


Taller than 90cm... No more free movies


Watching intently...

Seeing his face light up when I told him that we were going to see Alex on a big screen, and subsequently seeing his wide smile really made my day... It would be hard for us to have such mommy & son outings if I had not quit my full time job. I am thankful that I can be a greater part of his growing up years, and I hope that memories of him watching movies with mommy still sticks somewhere in the recesses of his memory even when he's become a grown man.

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