Friday, June 22, 2012

Gone Fishing!

We went to the National Museum last weekend for Island Adventures. It was a rather small scale exhibition as compared to the other Children's Season exhibits. Nonetheless, the kids had fun.

First, we boarded a pretend boat where they got to see and touch various items that travellers brought with them as they travelled across the oceans, in search of a better life. Next, we arrived  in Singapura, where we got a glimpse of the kinds of jobs that people undertook in those days. A cobbler, a street hawker and a letter writer.

The highlight of the visit for Nathan was actually getting a chance catch fishes. I think we spent more than half the time we were there stuck at this station.


Look at how pleased he is with his big catch.


I promised to make him his very own fishing rod and fishes when we got home... and look what I came up with. :) It is such a simple game and yet he enjoyed it so much.


Want to go fishing too? Free admission to Island Adventures on 23 & 24 June and 21 & 22 July 2012. Otherwise, admission is $5 per adult/child.

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