Friday, May 25, 2012

It's the School Holidays!

The holidays are here! There was a mini party in school to celebrate the last day of term 2... And that means almost half the year has flown by. Since we had the morning free, I decided that we'll bake chocolate chip cookies. Nathan enjoyed measuring out the sugar and flour and watching me mix everything together with the electric mixer. I had to keep myself from getting too fussy about the small mess he made when he was helping me measure out the ingredients. Generally, he was careful, and didn't make a big mess... but small messes by small hands is inevitable. The end result... YUMMY!


I love baking with Nathan... We'd read the recipe together, and he'd help with the scooping, measuring, pouring... He's already decided on what we are going to bake next... GINGERBREAD MAN!

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