Monday, September 26, 2011

Happy Birthday Nathan!

In the weeks leading up to your birthday, mommy's been teaching you to say "two", in response to "how old are you, Nathan"? Initially, you needed some prompting. Now, you are able to respond enthusiastically... "TWO"! Gosh! Mommy's little boy is growing up so quickly. We celebrated your birthday in school with a Cookie Monster cake. Mommy prepared Elmo goody bags, which you had fun giving out to all your friends. Teacher Jaime said you went up to each of your friends, and made sure that everyone had a goody bag to take home.  We also got you another cake so we can celebrate with at home with the family. You had difficulty blowing out your candle, and promptly got daddy to help. And before we even got you to cut the cake, you've already stuck the knife into the cake! Mommy & daddy are so thankful for you, and we continue to pray that you'll grow into a fine young man who'll honour God and remember His grace.

As for presents... mommy & daddy got you a Strider Balance Bike, while por por and gong gong got you a yellow bicycle helmet. The first shop where we got the bike from, didn't have many helmets to choose from. Mommy didn't like the helmets they had there, and wanted to get your helmet from somewhere else. You got really upset when we asked you to take off the helmet that we had let you try on. You were more interested in getting the helmet than the bicycle! After some coaxing (and tears), we finally managed to get you out of the shop, with just the bicycle, no helmet. Thankfully, the second shop we went to had a nice yellow helmet! Now that we've gotten all we need to get you riding, mommy's hoping that you'd be doing stunts on your Strider in no time. :)

At two, you love playgrounds, raisins, swimming, school (most days), Sesame Street, painting, stickers, water play, sand play, roaming around toyrus... 

You are able to string words together and say stuff like...
- I like swimming pool... I like playground...
- More, please?
- Jaime, push, please? (when on the swing)
- Mommy, carry ya (been trying to get you to say 'me' instead of''ya')
- Bye bye gong gong, good night, see you!
- Where is it? Find!
- Daddy, where are you? And this applies to objects too... you'd say things like... bear bear, where are you? playground, where are you?
- Noah, Noah! Noah, Noah! (sounds like you are cheering for Noah)
- Noah, careful.
- Mommy, poo poo, please. (when you want to go on the potty. so far, you are able to tell us AFTER you've poo-ed... but we've not consciously started potty training... 
- ABC AGAIN! (when listening to your nursery rhymes CD in the car, you have a tendency to request for a particular song over and over again. but it's rather amazing, as you can now recognise the intro of each song, and know which song is coming up next. you even know what song comes after which, for the songs that you like)

Vocabulary wise... you are able to name many more objects, like fire engine, dustbin, dinosaur, penguin, balloon, heart, telephone, daiper, train, bus... You are able to sing the entire alphabet song, and count from one to ten. You try counting to twenty, but get the x-teens mixed up. You can also count to ten in mandarin and lao shi's pretty pleased. :) You enjoy music and movement, and can sing several other nursery rhymes including, itsy bitsy spider, butterfly song, mr golden sun, two little dicky birds. You've are able to put on your pants but sometimes you get them on the wrong way around. You are also able to put on your own 'cookie shoes', but sometimes get them on the wrong way around. Mommy's been trying to teach you colours, but we haven't quite succeeded. Whenever we asked you "what colour is this", you'd say "purple" or "yellow". With shapes, you always say "circle". You enjoy sorting and arranging things neatly... It's nice to have a neat freak at home. Cos even though daddy's a hoarder, he rarely has time to sort out his 'treasures'. So if you do become a hoarder too, I hope you'd at least be a neat hoarder... though I think that our house might not have enough space for so many hoarders.

You enjoy playing with Noah and making him laugh. I do hope that when he gets older, and is able to fight over toys with you, you'd still be as loving as ever. It's such a blessing that our home is filled with your laughters. 

Moving on to your third year, there'll be some exciting changes to look forward to. Two major ones would be moving to our new house, and you starting 'big boy school' in 2012. As with all changes, mommy feels excited and apprehensive (mommy's a perpetual worrier). Let's continue to trust that our good God who has blessed us so abundantly will continue to see us through the changes.