Thursday, July 14, 2011

22 months old

Dear Nathan,

We're 2 months away from your 2nd birthday. You're growing up so quickly, and I'm already missing the time that has flown by. This month, you've taken to calling 'daddy' very loudly and enthusiastically. You'd stand at the foot of the stairs and yell 'daddy, daddy'! And daddy will respond with, 'yes Nathan'? And you'd smile. So sweet. Mommy's really glad that daddy gets to spend more time with us now that things at work has eased up a little. Some days, daddy works at home and we even managed to take an evening walk together. It was the first time we walked around our estate as a family. Noah and you were riding in the double stroller that the Loh's just gave us... and we were just enjoying the evening breeze as we walked and chatted. Simple joys.

This month, you've added more words to your vocabulary, like 'aeroplane', 'sunshine' and 'shark', and you've also started to sing songs other than 'Baa Baa Black Sheep'. Now, you'd also sing along to 'ABC' and 'Happy Birthday' (in English & Mandarin). I must say that I was pretty surprised when you starting singing in Mandarin. The first bit comes out a bit muffled, but the 'kuai le', you'd sing loud and clear. We hear from chen lao shi that you've also started saying 'xie xie lao shi' lately. I think we must try to converse in Mandarin more often.

You really love watching Sesame Street and you are able to name most of the main characters - 'Big Bird, 'Elmo', 'Cookie', 'Bert', 'Ernie', 'Elephant' (Snuffy), 'Oscar', 'Grover'. Mommy was really excited when I found out that there was going to be a Sesame Street Meet at Greet at the Young Parents' Fiesta. Got you to take your nap so that you'd wake up fresh for the Meet and Greet. But when we got there, we found out that the show has been cancelled as the costumes were stuck with the customs. So disappointing. But mommy's gotten tickets to Sesame Street Live 'Elmo's Green Thumb', and you'd be able to meet all the Sesame Street characters in October. That's something to look forward to.

For the weekends out, we've been to the Art Museum and Singapore Discovery Centre. The Art Museum was having a special children's program this month, so they had many interesting displays that were just right for you. At the Discovery Centre, you got to watch your first movie 'Sammy's Adventure'. It was a 3D show, and you were quite scared initially, cos it really looked like the turtle was crawling towards us. But when we assured you that all is well, you managed to sit thru the entire 40 minute movie. We also brought you to the library to borrow books, and we think we'd make going to the library a routine. The books at the newly opened Clementi library are nice and new, and they have a whole variety. Think it's good to cultivate a love for reading.

Mommy got really worried when you came down with a recurring fever. The fever kept coming back every 24 hours. You'd be fine for the rest of the day, the fever would come on in the evening, subside after I gave you nurofen or paracetamol, and come back again the next evening. It happened 3 days in a row. So we decided to had it checked out. You were really brave and didn't cry when the nurse pricked your finger to draw blood for the tests. Thankfully, it wasn't anything serious, and you recovered soon after.
Mommy and daddy celebrated our wedding anniversary a few day ago. 4 years on, we are a family of 4. We had a lovely dinner at Salt Grill, a restaurant on the 55th storey of Ion Orchard. You enjoyed running up and down the slope in the restaurant, and we all enjoyed the panoramic view of the city.

Mommy is so thankful for how God has blessed our marriage, given us 2 adorable children. I look forward to many good years ahead.

Lots of love, hugs and kisses,