Sunday, June 19, 2011

To Daddy With Love

I am so thankful that you are the daddy that you are, and I can imagine that if Nathan (and in time, Noah) can blog, these are the reasons why he loves you so much...

1) Daddy is so much fun to be with.  

2) Daddy took baths for me when I was too little for the shower, and now that I am old enough, we enjoy splashing in the shower together.

3) Daddy looks after me when I'm sick, and makes me takes my medicine... even the ones I do not like, so that I will recover faster.

4) Daddy takes me swimming, lets me jump into the water all by myself, and is always there to catch me.

5) Daddy got me lots of Sesame Street videos which I really enjoy watching.
6) Daddy tucks me in bed, and will oblige when I ask him to sleep beside me. And when I wake up crying in the middle of the night , he is there to comfort me.
7) Daddy taught me how to drink from the straw, and he's now teaching me how to drink from a cup. Cheers!
8) Daddy takes me on holidays, and we get to spend lots of time as a family. I enjoyed swimming in the sky pool, eating B&J ice cream, seeing fishes at Underwater World, taking the aeroplane, and lazing by the beach. More holidays please?
9) Daddy feeds me my lunch/dinner, making sure to cut up my food so that the pieces are small enough for me. He also makes sure that there are no bones in the fish, cos bones can't be eaten.
10) Daddy knows that I love milk shake... and when there's not enough to share between mommy and me, he'd buy us another cup.
11) Daddy lets me sit on his head, so that I can have a better view of Elmo and Friends.
12) Daddy makes me a bottle of milk in the mornings, and makes sure that all the Pediasure is properly dissolved so that I do not miss out on the goodness. I just have to have a bottle of milk every morning. :)

But most of all, I love daddy because daddy loves mommy, Noah and me! *HAPPY FACE*


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