Friday, May 27, 2011

The Little Red Stool

Nathan pointed to the BIG Ernie sitting on top of his book shelves and asked me to take it down for him. Because Ernie has been sitting there for quite a while, collecting dust, I tried to distract him with the other items on his shelf.

Me: Nathan, do you want this? * hands him toy no.1 *
Nathan: No. Put back.
Me: How about this? * hands him toy no.2 *
Nathan: No. Put back.
* Nathan continues pointing at the BIG Ernie. This time, standing on tip toes. *
Me: OH! You want Ernie. But Ernie's too high, mommy cannot reach.
* Nathan walks away... Phew! I thought. Until I realised that he's gone to his room to take the little red stool. He puts the stool beside the book shelf, and asked him to stand on the stool so I can get Ernie for him. *

Gosh! My little boy is really growing up. He knows how to solve problems now. And because of that, I had no excuse not to give him the BIG Ernie.

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