Friday, May 27, 2011

The Little Red Stool

Nathan pointed to the BIG Ernie sitting on top of his book shelves and asked me to take it down for him. Because Ernie has been sitting there for quite a while, collecting dust, I tried to distract him with the other items on his shelf.

Me: Nathan, do you want this? * hands him toy no.1 *
Nathan: No. Put back.
Me: How about this? * hands him toy no.2 *
Nathan: No. Put back.
* Nathan continues pointing at the BIG Ernie. This time, standing on tip toes. *
Me: OH! You want Ernie. But Ernie's too high, mommy cannot reach.
* Nathan walks away... Phew! I thought. Until I realised that he's gone to his room to take the little red stool. He puts the stool beside the book shelf, and asked him to stand on the stool so I can get Ernie for him. *

Gosh! My little boy is really growing up. He knows how to solve problems now. And because of that, I had no excuse not to give him the BIG Ernie.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Noah's First Smile

Noah has been smiling in his sleep or halfway thru a feed eversince he was a few weeks old... and all the while, he smiles with his eyes closed, half asleep. 

Today, for the very first time, he smiled at mommy when he was awake. Mommy was holding Noah, talking to him. And he smiled in response. :) So heart warming.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

20 months old

Dear Nathan,

You are now 20 months old. Now that you know more words, you are able to tell us what you want. Your favorite word this month is 'no', and your latest craze is STICKERS and bananas! You have not said 'yes' but you're able to respond with a nod when your answer is 'yes'. And for some strange reason, you have started refusing your tea time and bed time milk. Puzzles me cos you've always liked to drink milk and used to fuss when you finished your 240ml bottle. I suppose you are refusing the tea time milk cos of the yummy tea breaks you get in school... big boy prefers solids. As for bed time, some days you finish the entire bottle, some days, you'd say 'no' and push away the bottle when offered. I've started giving you fresh milk instead, and you drink some, cos you like the "cold, cold" milk. I suppose if you are still able to sleep thru the night, and are taking other forms of food, it's probably ok to cut down on your milk intake. Thankfully, you still finish the entire bottle of 'breakfast milk'.

Mommy won ourselves a voucher that gives us a term of art classes at Kid's Gallery, so you've been going for free art classes. The first couple of lessons, you refused to speak a word to your teacher. By the third lesson, you've warmed up, and now respond when she speaks to you. Mommy's proud that you are getting more independent, and are able to attend classes on your own. But a part of me doesn't want you to grow up so quick too. Sigh!

Daddy & Nathan at the Istana
For our family outings, we've recently taken you to the Istana on May Day, and we've also visited the Art Science Museum. The open fields at the Istana was a nice change from indoor air conditioned places that we frequent. You enjoyed running around the fountain at the Istana. It was so nice to hear your squeals and see your smiles. They've also set up Little Tikes play areas on the fields, which you wanted to run to, but it was getting late, so we gave that a miss. Would love to do more outdoorsy stuff with you, but the weather has been sweltering. You also enjoyed viewing the exhibits at the Art Science Museum, and mommy's pretty amazed at how you are able to sit thru entire video screenings at the museum. A pity we went there a week + too early, and missed the Dali exhibits.

Mommy and daddy bought you colour pencils and a sketch book that we can carry around to keep you occupied when we have our meals outside. You've started feeding yourself, but haven't quite mastered the spoon, so meal times are messy affairs when we let you self-feed. On one hand, mommy would love to have you feed yourself, but am afraid of the mess. I suppose I just have to loosen up a bit, and let you practise at home, where cleaning up is easier.

This month, mommy and daddy got to vote for our country's new leaders. GE 2011, unlike other years' elections, saw more parties contesting. It was in fact the first time that mommy and daddy got to vote. Previously, we stayed in 'walkover constituencies'. Disclaimer: The photo on the left is NOT an indication of the party we support. Our vote is secret. :) But the photo is probably a sneak peek of what we'd get to see more of in future. Scenes of you playing with your brother. You continue to be a really sweet kor kor. You are able to say "Noah", but when we ask you "what's your name", your reply is "Nay". Still waiting for you to respond with "Nay - than". You've been saying "mommy, mommy" when you want my attention, and my heart melts each time I hear you say "mommy". Ah... the simple joys of parenting!

Nathan, you're growing up so quickly! Always know that mommy and daddy loves you very much and we are thankful for every moment we get to spend together, even the times when we are tired from work / lack of sleep. You've brought us so much joy. Such a blessing!

Lots of love, hugs & kisses,