Tuesday, April 12, 2011

19 months old

Dear Nathan,

You turned 19 months old 2 days ago. This month is marked by several changes. First, the addition of Noah in our lives, then your "graduation", and finally your move to a big bed.

You've been a real sweet kor kor. You'd wave at Noah when you come home from school, or when we ask you to say 'hello' to Noah. When you hear Noah cry, you'd say '"uh-oh" and proceed to look for him. He'd usually be lying in his rocker, so you'd then try to rock him (though you can be a little rough, and rock him a little too hard). Mommy's looking forward to Noah growing a little older, so that you two can play together. Not quite sure what to expect right now, but I'm sure our home will be filled with much laughter with the two of you running around.

On April 1st, you "graduated" from the infant group at Sunflower, and have joined the older kids in play group. Now that you are in play group, you need to wear the Sunflower uniform to school. The first morning, you didn't like the collared top, and kept pulling at it. When mommy explained that it was the "big boy" uniform and that all the other older kids will be wearing it, you relented and stopped wanting to take it off. The first few days in play group, you'd cry when mommy/daddy drops you off. But we hear that you settle down pretty quickly, and have no problems at meal times and nap times. That's good to hear. However, you'd still want the attention of your infant group teachers when they walk by, and would fuss if they 'ignore' you. The kids in play group are able to feed themselves... so mommy's looking forward to you being able to do that soon. Now, you do not fuss when we drop you off anymore. I'm guesssing that you are getting to know the teachers and friends in your new group better, and have more or less settled down. Well done, Nathan!

You've also decided that you do not want to sleep in your baby cot anymore, and have started sleeping in your big boy bed. We're thankful for this bed that our neighbors gave us. It comes with a ball pit at the side, and mommy still remembers your grin when you first saw it. You enjoying playing in the pit, and have also fallen into it a few times when sleeping. Now, we have a bed rail, and have pillows strategically placed, so that you won't fall in at night. Sleeping in your big bed, some days, you fall asleep without any fuss, and other days, you need mommy/daddy to lie down beside you till you fall asleep. Some days, you wake up in the middle of the night crying, and we have a hard time settling you back to sleep. Can get really tiring for mommy/daddy. We're not sure if it's the new bed/environment, the changes in school (moving to play group) or the changes at home (addition of Noah), that's causing the distress. Praying that you'd be able to settle yourself back to sleep when you do wake, just like you do in the past. The last couple of nights were better - i.e. you've stopped waking up at night... so mommy's praying that it stays this way.

You can now say more things and it's really fun now that you are able to verbalise your thoughts. Mommy/daddy gets all excited when we hear you say a new word. Yesterday, you said "Ernie" for the very first time... think "Big Bird" was the first Sesame Street character you named. Followed by "Bert". You enjoy watching Sesame Street, and will ask mommy/daddy to switch it on for you. It's cute when we see you smiling as you see the familiar screen popping up on TV. We try not to let you watch too much TV, but I must say that it's a really good baby sitter. You'd sit quietly, completely engrossed, and would not bother us for as long as Sesame Street's on TV. Mommy's looking forward to having you string more words together and telling us "stories" about your day. 

It's such a joy watching you grow up, and mommy's already missing the days that has gone by. Know that mommy and daddy loves you very much, and we are so thankful that God has placed you in our lives.

Hugs and kisses,