Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Noah has jaundice

Noah was discharged from Mt A, after 2 nights of phototherapy. Am so glad that his jaundice level has gone down, and that he's feeding and sleeping better.

Two days ago, I took Noah to Uncle EK's clinic for his newborn review. Was so upset when we found out that his jaundice level has gone up to 17.1 and that he needed phototherapy. Before discharging from RH, he had already undergone one day of phototherapy. He didn't look yellow, so I wasn't expecting him to require another round of phototherapy. Uncle EK said we had the choice of doing phototherapy at home by renting the light, or admitting him to hospital. I was actually intending to rent the light, like we did for Nathan previously. But when I told Dean about it, he was more in favour of letting the hospital handle it. I was kinda sad to admit Noah to the hospital, but at the same time, I remembered how stressful it was when we handled it on our own at home. when Nathan had jaundice. So upon Dean's urging, I made plans to get Noah admitted. I also asked for a room for myself as well, so that I could nurse him.

I missed Nathan and daddy when I was at the hospital with Noah. But it was nonetheless a good decision to admit Noah. At the hospital, the nurses only brought him to me for feeds every 3+ hour. Apparently, he would sleep thru out after each feed. That gave me the much needed rest. When he got home from RH, he was feeding every hour or two, and I was exhausted. I suppose it was because the photo light made him sleepy, and also cos my milk just came in the day he got admitted. Dean and Nathan visited us on the first day. Told Dean not to come on the second day, cos he was visibly tired from a long day at work and also cos I didn't want Nathan going to bed later than his usual bedtime. The second night that they didn't visit, Dean called me on Skype and we chatted for a bit. He had taken a shower for Nathan, and both of them were in their 'pajamas'. Dean sat Nathan beside him on our sofa, and I could see them over the web cam. My heart melted when Nathan waved at me and blew me a kiss at the end of the call.

Noah's jaundice level dropped to 10.7 this morning, and we were given the green light to go home. So thankful.

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