Monday, October 25, 2010

Nathan's First Holiday

Dear Nathan,

We went on our first overseas trip to Banyan Tree, Phuket as a little family of 3 from 21 to 23 Oct. Though it was a short 3D2N trip, we had lots of fun. Mommy was worried about whether you’d take well to traveling, and whether you’d be able to sleep thru the night. Her worries were unfounded.

Mommy's favorite photo of us from the trip
Mommy chose the 8.55am flight as it fits nicely into your routine, and would give us a good part of the day to explore Phuket on day 1. The plane ride to Phuket was 1h 45min. As there were 4 infants onboard, and only 3 bassinet seats, we didn’t get a bassinet seat as we checked in rather late. We kept you occupied by reading the in-flight magazines, feeding you a Heinz food jar, and giving you Colin / teddy. We were hoping you’d sleep on the plane but you were wide awake. Thankfully it was a short flight.

Mommy chose to arrange our own airport transfer as Banyan Tree was charging exorbitant rates. We got our airport transfer from It was one-third the price of what Banyan Tree was going to charge us. We found the driver without much trouble, the vehicle was spacious and clean, and the ride was pleasant. You fell asleep on the way to the resort. Check-in was a breeze. We managed to check-in earlier, and were going to get you cleaned up and let you continue napping. But just as we were cleaning you up (big poo poo), you woke up. And since you were awake, we decided to go get lunch and explore the resort. Later in the afternoon, we arranged for the same driver to take us to town so that daddy can get his shirts tailored. Again, you fell asleep in the vehicle. It was a pretty long ride to town. Thereafter, we explored town a bit, but there wasn’t much to see. Then it was off to an early dinner. We had a seafood dinner which was rather disappointing and expensive. Nonetheless, we enjoyed ourselves. Mommy and daddy were having a good laugh about how cheeky you were. We were toying with the idea of dropping by the Premium Outlets that we passed by along the way… but since it was getting late, and you were starting to fuss, we decided to call it a day and head back to the hotel.

Our room had an outdoor waterfall bath which was just the right height for you. You enjoyed taking your baths there. You were really keen on exploring our room, and it was quite difficult getting you to sleep. Finally, mommy sat beside your cot and watched you till you fell asleep. Halfway though the night, you woke up. Mommy couldn’t really settle you back to sleep, so I carried you into our king sized bed. You fell asleep soon after. However, I made the mistake of not putting you closer to the centre of the bed, and I didn’t want to move you again after you had fallen asleep. So mommy didn’t have much space left for the rest of the night. But that was fine… thankfully, you slept till day break.

The breakfast buffet that was included in our stay was yummy. You got to eat the pancake, waffle and banana from the spread. The other thai delights were yummy too. After breakfast, we headed to the beach. The beach was lovely. Nice, breezy and clean. We were trying hard to keep you on the deck chair, but you kept wanting to get down to touch the sand. We finally relented and let you step on sand for the very first time. I think you didn’t really like it. We washed your feet soon after, and were going to head off to the pier to take the boat shuttle to the neighboring resorts. However, you fell asleep just as we were taking the buggy to the pier. Just as well… we thought we’d let you sleep, and continue with the exploration after mommy’s massage. Mommy enjoyed a nice relaxing massage, while daddy looked after you. You woke up just before mommy left for my massage, so daddy really had to keep you entertained. We tried to schedule the massage during your nap times, but they didn’t have available slots. But things worked out pretty nicely. Daddy managed to get his shirts fitted during mommy’s massage, and you two got to spend time together. 

Nathan relaxing at the beach
For lunch, we decided to take the boat shuttle to another hotel. It was nice that they had this free boat shuttle. It was your first boat ride. We enjoyed cruising along, and we got to see a few elephants on the way. In fact, there was one baby elephant that was walking around the hotel where we ate, and we got to see it up close. After our mini boat adventure, we decided to head back to our room to soak in the Jacuzzi. We had problems setting up the Jacuzzi cos the water was taking so long to fill up. Finally we got help, and decided to head off to the pool while the man figures it out.

Just as we got to the pool you fell asleep. We let you sleep on the deck chair, and mommy and daddy had the opportunity of lazing by the pool as well. It was nice and breezy. You slept for a good hour or so. By the time you woke up, it was time for your next milk feed. 

Fast asleep by the pool
We went back to the room to get your milk, and then off to the beach again to see the sunset. The sky was a lovely orange hue. Haven’t seen such a beautiful sunset before. You were fussing quite a bit at the beach, and it was difficult to get you to pose for the camera. I figured you were tired, cos you couldn’t have been hungry. It soon turned dark, and we decided to head back to the room. 

Watching the sunset with daddy
Since the Jacuzzi was already set up (finally), we decided to let you splash around, and also bathe you in the big Jacuzzi tub. You had a blast splashing around the Jacuzzi. It was so heart warming to hear your squeals and see your smiles. After the soak in the tub and a bottle of warm milk, you fell asleep in your cot promptly. Mommy and daddy had cup noodles for dinner that we brought from home. For the last 2 times that we stayed at Banyan Tree Bintan, the Korean Cup noodles was always something we packed. So this time round, we decided to do the same. We ate at the vanity area as we didn’t want to switch on the lights in the room where you’ve already fallen asleep. As we ate, we laughed about how 'miserable' we were, having to eat in a small corner of our big room. But then again, we knew we wouldn't want it any way else. We all had a good night’s rest that night. You slept thru the night in your own cot. Well done!

The next morning, we had breakfast at the resort again. Mommy got you the same food cos the rest wasn’t that suitable for you. Nonetheless, you enjoyed your food and was able to finish one small pancake and a banana. After breakfast, we headed back to the room so that we could do some packing. Daddy managed to get you to nap before he went for his massage appointment. Best thing was you took a long nap, and slept the whole time that daddy was having his massage, so mommy could rest too.

We had to check out of the resort, and make our way to the airport for our 2.55pm flight back to Singapore. Mommy and daddy had a Burger King lunch at the airport after we checked in, while you enjoyed a little snack from the stash that mommy brought from home. Daddy had the opportunity to have a quick massage at the departure hall while waiting for our flight back. You fussed quite a bit on the plane. We got a bassinet seat, so there was a little more room for you to move about. But we didn’t have any toys (other than teddy and Colin) or books for you, and you got bored. Thankfully it was a short flight. Else I think the people around us would really be angry with us for bringing you on a plane.

Nathan's first plane ride
Though it was a short 3D2N holiday, mommy really enjoyed herself, and she’s pretty sure that you and daddy did too. And since you were a pretty easy traveler, we hope to go on another holiday real soon. You've brought us so much fun, joy and laughter. With the addition of you in our family, holidays will never be the same again. But mommy and daddy wouldn’t want to have it any other way.