Wednesday, August 11, 2010

11 months old

Dear Nathan,

We are one month away from your 1st birthday! Mommy’s been thinking of getting a cake shaped as a number “1” for your first birthday. I’ve also ordered some party hats and party deco from a spree. We’re thinking of having a small luncheon with immediate family members to celebrate your 1st birthday. How fun! The last 11 months have been a blast!

You continue to crawl and cruise… haven’t taken your first steps as yet. Recently, you climbed up the steps in our house, and made your way up to level 2 all by your own. Hmm… do we need to get a safety gate for the stairs?

Now that you are better at cruising / standing, you enjoy checking out the items on our shelves. You are really good at tiptoeing and reaching out for stuff that we intentionally place out of your reach. Seems like you prefer playing with all these ‘forbidden’ items more than your toys.

You’ve also grown a little bit more. Since you are now able to fit into some of the hand-me-down berms / pants, you’ve started wearing them over your rompers when we go out. Makes you look more grown up.

You succeeded in drinking water from a straw mug at 10.5 months. Mommy’s glad, cos it’ll be much easier to get you to drink more water. It took a while to get you to drink from a straw. We’ve showed you how the straw mug works, and gotten you to try drinking from it. You didn’t quite get it initially, and was more interested in playing with the straw. One day, Daddy was having dinner while mommy went to take a shower. You kept daddy company at the dinner table, and was playing with your straw mug as usual. Then you succeeded. Credits to daddy for teaching you to drink from a straw.

We went to check out the Sky Park @ Marina Bay Sands. Tickets at $20 per pax is rather expensive. Thankfully, we got one free ticket and children under 2 go free. So we only needed to pay $20 for the 3 of us. The view from the sky park is pretty spectacular. Mommy loves the swimming pool. Only hotel guests get to use the pool. You enjoyed riding on daddy’s shoulder while we were at the Sky Park. You were giggling away when daddy let you sit on his shoulder.

We also checked out Fidgets. And because you are under 1, we all get to go in for free. The play area for children your age is pretty small. Nonetheless, you enjoyed riding in the Little Tikes cars and also enjoyed playing in the ball pit. Mommy’s looking forward to checking out more places with you now that you are older, and can appreciate your surroundings more. Maybe we’ll bring you to the zoo when you are a little older.

Meanwhile, you continue to bring us so much joy. As much as I look forward to having you walk and talk soon, I already miss the months that have gone by.

Lots of love,