Tuesday, June 29, 2010

9 months old

Dear Nathan,

You are now 9 months old...

We had a rather trying week this month when you came down with the flu. You had a cough, a bad throat, blocked nose, drooled a lot and was generally grumpy. It got real bad when you didn't want to drink much milk. Initially, we thought that you were teething. So we tried giving you your teeting rings (which you rejected) and applied teething gel on your gums. The teething gel seemed to provide some comfort, and you drank some milk. Then I think your throat/blocked nose got worse. And you really didn't want any milk. The past few times that you were sick, you still fed well and slept well, and would gladly open your mouth when we fed you medicine. This time, you refused to feed and would cry when we gave you your medicine. Daddy had to hold you down while mommy fed you your medicine. It was rather heart wrenching watching you struggle, but it was necessary. We were so glad when you got better after a course of antibiotics. We continue to pray that you will grow strong and healthy.

We went shopping for your outfits for Uncle Don's wedding. We went to the tailor's thinking that we can tailor a matching shirt for you and daddy. Sadly, the tailor couldn't make shirts your size. Had to settle for off-the-rack ones instead. Nonetheless, we managed to get two outfits for you for the event.

We've started giving you baby snacks like baby puffs and yoghurt melts. Now that you can eat these stuff, it is easier to keep you occupied in your high chair while mommy and daddy have our meals. It's really cute when you tug at our arms after you've finished chewing what's in your mouth. We teach you to say 'more please' but you haven't quite mastered that. You haven't quite mastered your pincer grip as well, but I'm sure you will very soon.

You are better are crawling and can also cruise pretty well. With your new found mobility, you do silly stuff like climbing into mommy's suitcase and ransacking Oscar's trash can (your laundry basket). Once, when I was picking you up from the IFC, you saw me in the distance and crawled towards me. That was so heart warming.

You rode in a shopping cart for the first time when we went shopping for shelves at IKEA. You seem to enjoy the ride and it saves us the hassle of using your stroller.

You continue to bring us so much joy. We love you loads.