Monday, May 10, 2010

8 months old

Dear Nathan,

You are 8 months old today… Mommy can’t believe that time has gone by so quickly. Very soon, we’d be celebrating your first birthday.

On Apr 30, you started crawling. Your new found mobility has made you are more fidgety, and changing you is becoming more challenging. You get impatient and would start fussing and wriggling about when we take too long to change your diapers even though daddy tells you that it’d be faster if you keep still. You are able to play by yourself but I think you have started developing separation anxiety recently. You would call for us when we walk away, wanting us to sit by your side and play with you.

At 7.5 months, mommy started giving you some formula milk. Currently, you are drinking about 60% breast milk, 40% formula milk. Thankfully, you’ve no issues with taking either and continue to feed well. You love solids. At home, you’d usually have brown rice cereal and fruit/vegetable purees. In school, you’ve tried fish, chicken, pumpkin, spinach, broccoli, marcoroni, mee sua and several others.

You are pretty happy sitting in a hair chair (most times), which makes it possible for mommy and daddy to eat together. The waiter at Applebees gave you a balloon when we went there for YeYe’s birthday dinner, and you were laughing when we played with the balloon. So adorable. Your hair has grown longer and it seems that the sweat glands on your head has just started working. The weather’s been pretty hot lately, and you sweat pretty easily… though it just your head that gets sweaty. Kinda strange. Nonetheless, you still smell nice. Mommy loves holding you close, and sniffing that baby smell of yours.

Mommy has started work at IBM… the arrangement is working out great so far. I drop you off at school before work, and am able to leave work on time to pick you up. Some days, daddy and mommy both go to work at together, so we get to spend some ‘family time’ together in the car while driving to your school, then to work. Mommy and daddy also get more opportunities to have lunch together. There was one day when I didn’t want to send you to school as you were a little unwell the day before. I asked my boss if she was ok that I worked from home, and she was agreeable. IBM also has nursing rooms where mommy can express milk for you in a private and comfortable setting. All in all, this job is more ‘Nathan friendly’. Mommy’s glad that you are enjoying your time in school, while we are at work.

You continue to bring so much joy to mommy and daddy. We love you loads.

Hugs & Kisses,


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