Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Milk Memos

How real moms learned to mix business with babies, and how you can, too. By Cate Colburn-Smith & Andrea Serrette.

I just finished reading this book, and thought that it's a real good read for moms returning to work. I felt comforted just knowing that there were other moms who've gone thru the same, and that my reactions were 'normal'. Reactions like crying the first time I left Nathan at the infant care centre, thinking about him the whole time I'm at work, worrying about whether I'm pumping enough milk for his feeds the next day, wanting to hold him and nurse him when the weekend comes around so that I can still have the intimacy with him... putting up with having to lug his bottles and my breast pump to work, having to find time to pump at work...

I actually finished reading the entire book over the weekend when Nathan was sleeping, or when I was feeding him. If you are a new mom, intending to breastfeed when you returning to work, do pick up this book. I couldn't find it in the major bookstores in Singapore, but managed to order a copy from Book Depository. By the way, I've found that books are generally cheaper from Books Depot, even after they factor in the free shipping worldwide. So far, the books I ordered arrive within a week.

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