Tuesday, March 23, 2010

6 months old

Dear Nathan,

You are now 6 months old. Mommy hasn't had time to pen down my thoughts till today.

The biggest change we faced this month is that of mommy returning to work, and you starting infant care. Seems like mommy had more difficulty adapting to this change than you did. The work day morning starts with me waking up early to shower and change for work. I'd pack your milk and clothes bag while you are still sleeping, then pack my own bag. You usually wake up about 7 plus and I'd change your diaper. Then I'd strap you in your car seat, and we'd drive to school. We'd spend time praying in the car, and singing Children's songs as we drive. At work, I think about how you are doing, and can't wait to pick you up from school. You give me a big smile when I pick you up in the evenings. So heart warming. On the journey home, we'd talk about our day. Some days, you'd be tired and will fall asleep in your car seat. Mommy loves to watch you sleep.

We celebrated Chinese New Year this month. Since you grow so quickly and have so many clothes thanks to your cousins, we only bought you one Chinese New Year outfit. All the aunties and uncles were so delighted to see you. We had fun meeting up with our loved ones and friends.

You only put on about 400g since the last time we weighed you a month ago. You are really good at flipping now, and can sit by yourself for a much longer time. You've also started to lift your butt up when you're on your tummy. I think you'd be crawling soon. Can't wait!

You continue to bring so much joy to mommy and daddy. We love you loads.

Hugs & kisses,

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Milk Memos

How real moms learned to mix business with babies, and how you can, too. By Cate Colburn-Smith & Andrea Serrette.

I just finished reading this book, and thought that it's a real good read for moms returning to work. I felt comforted just knowing that there were other moms who've gone thru the same, and that my reactions were 'normal'. Reactions like crying the first time I left Nathan at the infant care centre, thinking about him the whole time I'm at work, worrying about whether I'm pumping enough milk for his feeds the next day, wanting to hold him and nurse him when the weekend comes around so that I can still have the intimacy with him... putting up with having to lug his bottles and my breast pump to work, having to find time to pump at work...

I actually finished reading the entire book over the weekend when Nathan was sleeping, or when I was feeding him. If you are a new mom, intending to breastfeed when you returning to work, do pick up this book. I couldn't find it in the major bookstores in Singapore, but managed to order a copy from Book Depository. By the way, I've found that books are generally cheaper from Books Depot, even after they factor in the free shipping worldwide. So far, the books I ordered arrive within a week.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

First Day at Infant Care

Nathan started going to the infant care centre yesterday. I had to lug his bag (which has his clothes, towels, teddy bear etc.), his milk bag and my big bag (with pumping essentials) and carry him at the same time. Think my arm muscles are getting stronger as he grows.

The day started off with free play followed by his first milk feed. I let the teacher feed him for the first time, and thankfully it was a non issue. He finished the whole bottle real quick as usual. Then they had hello time when they took turns to say hello to each other in song. His usual bath time followed. He fussed a bit during bath time. I suppose he still prefers his bath tub at home. After a bit more play, it was time for his first morning nap. I put him in his designated cot, which had his cot sheets, blanket, bean pillow and teddy bear brought from home. He started sucking his thumb, and was falling off to sleep when I told him that I’d be leaving for work, and will be picking him up later in the evening. I couldn’t hold back my tears when I kissed him goodbye. My boy has grown up that little bit more. As much as I’m happy that we’ve hit another milestone, I’m also missing the journey we took over the last 5+ months.

He was happy to see me when I picked him up in the evening. Felt so good to hold him, kiss him and smell him after a long day’s work. He seems to enjoy his time there, playing with new toys, standing in front of the mirror holding onto the handle bars (think mirrors at ballet studios, just that it is built for his height), interacting with his new teachers and friends. He had no problems feeding and sleeping in the new environment. In fact, he took a real long afternoon nap. Probably cos of the lack of afternoon naps on Saturday and Sunday when we’d usually take him out.

The little kids there are really socialable, and this is something that Dean and I thought would be good for him. Even though quitting my job to stay home to look after Nathan full-time is an option we can consider, we thought that sending him to the infant care centre is a good option. The social interaction would do him good. I also like the fact that they have structured activities to occupy the young ones. Am hoping that I’d be able to get a more flexible work arrangement. Then we’ll be able to have the best of both worlds – Nathan can spend some time at the infant care centre, and some time at home with mommy, and mommy can still stay in touch with the working world. Shall continue praying, waiting and trusting God for this.