Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Struggle with Bottle Feeds

The struggle with bottle feeds started about a week ago and we're still trying to find out why Nathan is refusing the bottle. Daddy's the one who feeds Nathan when we want to give him the bottle. When he was about 1+ month old, we started giving him the bottle every now and then. We were advised to give him at least one bottle feed a day when he turns 1 month old so that he'll be comfortable drinking from both the breast and the bottle. We have not been diligent with the bottle feeds partly cos it is so much easier to latch him, and also cos daddy's schedule hasn't been regular. I suppose because of that, he's now rejecting the bottle. :( Getting me really worried as I'd be going back to work in March.

We've tried varying the temperature of the milk, holding him in different positions, and even bought all the different teats available in the market to see which one he prefers. Other than the numerous brands available (we've tried Avent, Pigeon and Nuk), each brand also has numerous options (different sized holes that'll affect the flow speed, different material, different shapes). Gosh! We've exhausted our options, but he still doesn't want to take the bottle. He was able to finish a bottle of milk in about 10 minutes in the past... now, he takes more than an hour! Am praying that we'll figure this one out real soon.

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