Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Nathan's Routine

I'm pretty happy with the routine that I've gotten Nathan into. Wanted him to get into a good routine before I return to work so things will be more predictable for both of us. I've been working on this eversince the beginning, so I'm really pleased that it has worked out. Another answered prayer.

7.00am Rise & Shine
8.00am Milk feed (usually bottlefeed by daddy)
8.30am Bath
9.00am Wake time
10.00am Nap time
11.00am Milk feed
11.40am Wake time
1.00pm Nap time
2.00pm Milk feed
2.40pm Wake time
4.00pm Nap time
5.00pm Milk feed
5.40pm Wake time
7.00pm Nap time
8.00pm Milk feed
8.40pm Bath time
9.00pm Bed time

Milk feeds
Nathan has 5 feeds a day. Other than the first bottlefeed (expressed breast milk) in the morning, he latches on for the rest. I give him 150ml for the first feed though he's capable of finishing more if we fill the bottle up but I'm concerned about over-feeding him. Not sure how much he drinks when he latches on, but he usually takes a full feed (20 min each breast).

Wake time
During wake time, Nathan can play by himself for short periods of time when I leave him in his play gym. Other times, I'd read to him, sing to him, play with his toys or we'd go thru his flash cards. Lately, he's happy when we leave him in his Bumbo chair infront of the TV. But I'm not keen on letting him watch too much TV although it does make a good baby-sitter. Sometimes, I'd take him out (usually shopping centres).

Nap time
Nathan takes 4 short naps which add up to less than 4 hours. I believe the 4 short naps will be consolidated to 2 longer ones but I haven't figured out how to go about it. It seems that he still gets tired after each wake time and needs to sleep although sometimes the naps can be as short as 30 minutes. Was asking some young moms, and they said the consolidation will happen 'automatically'. No intervention required. Hmm... oh well... so for now, I'll still let him take 4 short naps.

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