Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I signed Nathan up for Kindermusik classes for the month of Jan and Feb. First lesson was yesterday. It was loads of fun! An hour filled with songs, dance, bubbles, percussion instruments and more.

Nathan with his imaginary microphone

Nathan will be going to the infant care centre when mommy starts work in March. Kindermusik classes will be conducted at his infant care centre. So I figured that exposing him to a 'classroom setting' and having some degree of familiarity will help him settle down in March. But more than that, it was also a good break for mommy. Even though I sit thru the class with him, I didn't need to think up ways to occupy him for that hour. :) Reminds me of my Yamaha days as a child more than 25 years ago.

Daddy came to meet us for dinner after the class. Think I'm going to miss such times that I get to spend with daddy and Nathan when I return to work.

Daddy: Nathan, did you enjoy today's Kindermusik class?
Nathan: *BIG SMILE*

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