Saturday, January 2, 2010

Bottle Feeds

After our failed attempts at bottle feeding about a month ago, we decided to give the bottle a break. All this time, I've been praying that Nathan will be willing to drink from the bottle as I'd be going back to work in March. His refusal of the bottle got me really worried.

Last week, I was plagued with blocked ducts (again!). After I cleared the blocked ducts, I had blisters. Sigh! The woes of breastfeeding. Well... because of all that, Dean suggested that we give my boobs a break, and try bottle feeding again.

I was rather nervous when Dean gave Nathan his first bottle this morning. But I needn't had worried. Nathan finished the 140ml bottle in record time! Mommy's so relieved. Daddy continued giving him the rest of his feeds from the bottle except the last feedm and Nathan was able to drink up without much fuss. Thank God - another answered prayer.

Nathan enjoying his bottle of milk

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