Monday, October 25, 2010

Nathan's First Holiday

Dear Nathan,

We went on our first overseas trip to Banyan Tree, Phuket as a little family of 3 from 21 to 23 Oct. Though it was a short 3D2N trip, we had lots of fun. Mommy was worried about whether you’d take well to traveling, and whether you’d be able to sleep thru the night. Her worries were unfounded.

Mommy's favorite photo of us from the trip
Mommy chose the 8.55am flight as it fits nicely into your routine, and would give us a good part of the day to explore Phuket on day 1. The plane ride to Phuket was 1h 45min. As there were 4 infants onboard, and only 3 bassinet seats, we didn’t get a bassinet seat as we checked in rather late. We kept you occupied by reading the in-flight magazines, feeding you a Heinz food jar, and giving you Colin / teddy. We were hoping you’d sleep on the plane but you were wide awake. Thankfully it was a short flight.

Mommy chose to arrange our own airport transfer as Banyan Tree was charging exorbitant rates. We got our airport transfer from It was one-third the price of what Banyan Tree was going to charge us. We found the driver without much trouble, the vehicle was spacious and clean, and the ride was pleasant. You fell asleep on the way to the resort. Check-in was a breeze. We managed to check-in earlier, and were going to get you cleaned up and let you continue napping. But just as we were cleaning you up (big poo poo), you woke up. And since you were awake, we decided to go get lunch and explore the resort. Later in the afternoon, we arranged for the same driver to take us to town so that daddy can get his shirts tailored. Again, you fell asleep in the vehicle. It was a pretty long ride to town. Thereafter, we explored town a bit, but there wasn’t much to see. Then it was off to an early dinner. We had a seafood dinner which was rather disappointing and expensive. Nonetheless, we enjoyed ourselves. Mommy and daddy were having a good laugh about how cheeky you were. We were toying with the idea of dropping by the Premium Outlets that we passed by along the way… but since it was getting late, and you were starting to fuss, we decided to call it a day and head back to the hotel.

Our room had an outdoor waterfall bath which was just the right height for you. You enjoyed taking your baths there. You were really keen on exploring our room, and it was quite difficult getting you to sleep. Finally, mommy sat beside your cot and watched you till you fell asleep. Halfway though the night, you woke up. Mommy couldn’t really settle you back to sleep, so I carried you into our king sized bed. You fell asleep soon after. However, I made the mistake of not putting you closer to the centre of the bed, and I didn’t want to move you again after you had fallen asleep. So mommy didn’t have much space left for the rest of the night. But that was fine… thankfully, you slept till day break.

The breakfast buffet that was included in our stay was yummy. You got to eat the pancake, waffle and banana from the spread. The other thai delights were yummy too. After breakfast, we headed to the beach. The beach was lovely. Nice, breezy and clean. We were trying hard to keep you on the deck chair, but you kept wanting to get down to touch the sand. We finally relented and let you step on sand for the very first time. I think you didn’t really like it. We washed your feet soon after, and were going to head off to the pier to take the boat shuttle to the neighboring resorts. However, you fell asleep just as we were taking the buggy to the pier. Just as well… we thought we’d let you sleep, and continue with the exploration after mommy’s massage. Mommy enjoyed a nice relaxing massage, while daddy looked after you. You woke up just before mommy left for my massage, so daddy really had to keep you entertained. We tried to schedule the massage during your nap times, but they didn’t have available slots. But things worked out pretty nicely. Daddy managed to get his shirts fitted during mommy’s massage, and you two got to spend time together. 

Nathan relaxing at the beach
For lunch, we decided to take the boat shuttle to another hotel. It was nice that they had this free boat shuttle. It was your first boat ride. We enjoyed cruising along, and we got to see a few elephants on the way. In fact, there was one baby elephant that was walking around the hotel where we ate, and we got to see it up close. After our mini boat adventure, we decided to head back to our room to soak in the Jacuzzi. We had problems setting up the Jacuzzi cos the water was taking so long to fill up. Finally we got help, and decided to head off to the pool while the man figures it out.

Just as we got to the pool you fell asleep. We let you sleep on the deck chair, and mommy and daddy had the opportunity of lazing by the pool as well. It was nice and breezy. You slept for a good hour or so. By the time you woke up, it was time for your next milk feed. 

Fast asleep by the pool
We went back to the room to get your milk, and then off to the beach again to see the sunset. The sky was a lovely orange hue. Haven’t seen such a beautiful sunset before. You were fussing quite a bit at the beach, and it was difficult to get you to pose for the camera. I figured you were tired, cos you couldn’t have been hungry. It soon turned dark, and we decided to head back to the room. 

Watching the sunset with daddy
Since the Jacuzzi was already set up (finally), we decided to let you splash around, and also bathe you in the big Jacuzzi tub. You had a blast splashing around the Jacuzzi. It was so heart warming to hear your squeals and see your smiles. After the soak in the tub and a bottle of warm milk, you fell asleep in your cot promptly. Mommy and daddy had cup noodles for dinner that we brought from home. For the last 2 times that we stayed at Banyan Tree Bintan, the Korean Cup noodles was always something we packed. So this time round, we decided to do the same. We ate at the vanity area as we didn’t want to switch on the lights in the room where you’ve already fallen asleep. As we ate, we laughed about how 'miserable' we were, having to eat in a small corner of our big room. But then again, we knew we wouldn't want it any way else. We all had a good night’s rest that night. You slept thru the night in your own cot. Well done!

The next morning, we had breakfast at the resort again. Mommy got you the same food cos the rest wasn’t that suitable for you. Nonetheless, you enjoyed your food and was able to finish one small pancake and a banana. After breakfast, we headed back to the room so that we could do some packing. Daddy managed to get you to nap before he went for his massage appointment. Best thing was you took a long nap, and slept the whole time that daddy was having his massage, so mommy could rest too.

We had to check out of the resort, and make our way to the airport for our 2.55pm flight back to Singapore. Mommy and daddy had a Burger King lunch at the airport after we checked in, while you enjoyed a little snack from the stash that mommy brought from home. Daddy had the opportunity to have a quick massage at the departure hall while waiting for our flight back. You fussed quite a bit on the plane. We got a bassinet seat, so there was a little more room for you to move about. But we didn’t have any toys (other than teddy and Colin) or books for you, and you got bored. Thankfully it was a short flight. Else I think the people around us would really be angry with us for bringing you on a plane.

Nathan's first plane ride
Though it was a short 3D2N holiday, mommy really enjoyed herself, and she’s pretty sure that you and daddy did too. And since you were a pretty easy traveler, we hope to go on another holiday real soon. You've brought us so much fun, joy and laughter. With the addition of you in our family, holidays will never be the same again. But mommy and daddy wouldn’t want to have it any other way.


Sunday, September 12, 2010

Nathan is ONEderful!

Dear Nathan,

You just turned one. We celebrated your birthday (which incidentally fell on Hari Raya - long weekend for us, yay!) with people who love you lots. Mommy's so glad that we've reached this milestone. Just can't believe that one year has flown by so quickly. I struggled with motherhood in the first month, and only really enjoyed being a mommy from 1.5 months onwards. It's been such a joy watching you grow up, and daddy and mommy are so thankful that you've come into our lives. We got you a Thomas the Train cake which you got to taste. You didn't blow out your birthday candle yourself... maybe next year. Mommy had to hold back tears while we sang your birthday song (first in English, then in Mandarin, followed by the 'how old are you' chorus). I think it was a mixture of feelings - one of joy, and also one of missing the year that has gone by) Daddy got you a Lil Engineer play set, while mommy got you a Little Tikes Little People play set. You are able to play by yourself these days, though most times, you still prefer to have mommy/daddy's company.

The day after your birthday was IBM Day @ the Zoo. It was a lovely family outing where we went about identifying the animals found in your 'Monkey See, Monkey Zoo' book. Would've been more comfortable if it was less humid. But we had fun nonetheless.

Looking forward to many more great years with you. We continue to pray that you'll grow up to be a man who'll honour God and remember His grace. Mommy and daddy love you loads!

Hugs & kisses,

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

11 months old

Dear Nathan,

We are one month away from your 1st birthday! Mommy’s been thinking of getting a cake shaped as a number “1” for your first birthday. I’ve also ordered some party hats and party deco from a spree. We’re thinking of having a small luncheon with immediate family members to celebrate your 1st birthday. How fun! The last 11 months have been a blast!

You continue to crawl and cruise… haven’t taken your first steps as yet. Recently, you climbed up the steps in our house, and made your way up to level 2 all by your own. Hmm… do we need to get a safety gate for the stairs?

Now that you are better at cruising / standing, you enjoy checking out the items on our shelves. You are really good at tiptoeing and reaching out for stuff that we intentionally place out of your reach. Seems like you prefer playing with all these ‘forbidden’ items more than your toys.

You’ve also grown a little bit more. Since you are now able to fit into some of the hand-me-down berms / pants, you’ve started wearing them over your rompers when we go out. Makes you look more grown up.

You succeeded in drinking water from a straw mug at 10.5 months. Mommy’s glad, cos it’ll be much easier to get you to drink more water. It took a while to get you to drink from a straw. We’ve showed you how the straw mug works, and gotten you to try drinking from it. You didn’t quite get it initially, and was more interested in playing with the straw. One day, Daddy was having dinner while mommy went to take a shower. You kept daddy company at the dinner table, and was playing with your straw mug as usual. Then you succeeded. Credits to daddy for teaching you to drink from a straw.

We went to check out the Sky Park @ Marina Bay Sands. Tickets at $20 per pax is rather expensive. Thankfully, we got one free ticket and children under 2 go free. So we only needed to pay $20 for the 3 of us. The view from the sky park is pretty spectacular. Mommy loves the swimming pool. Only hotel guests get to use the pool. You enjoyed riding on daddy’s shoulder while we were at the Sky Park. You were giggling away when daddy let you sit on his shoulder.

We also checked out Fidgets. And because you are under 1, we all get to go in for free. The play area for children your age is pretty small. Nonetheless, you enjoyed riding in the Little Tikes cars and also enjoyed playing in the ball pit. Mommy’s looking forward to checking out more places with you now that you are older, and can appreciate your surroundings more. Maybe we’ll bring you to the zoo when you are a little older.

Meanwhile, you continue to bring us so much joy. As much as I look forward to having you walk and talk soon, I already miss the months that have gone by.

Lots of love,


Monday, July 19, 2010

10 months old

Dear Nathan,

You are now 10 months old… Mommy can’t believe that you are growing up so quickly. You can crawl and cruise very well, and I’m guessing you’d be walking soon. You enjoy cruising with the sofa as support, or with your push walkers. Sometimes, you’d hold onto your high chair leg/s and drag it around the house, making lots of creaking sounds as you walk. You now protest when we take away an object that you are fiddling with, or try to put you in your cot when you don’t want to. It’s nice that you can now express yourself somewhat. You say ‘mo mo mo’ when you want more snacks and you’ve also been saying “ma ma mom me mo mi…”, which sounds like “mommy, I want more milk”.

We went on our very first holiday as a little family of 3. It was a short getaway to celebrate mommy and daddy’s wedding anniversary, and also a test of sorts to how you’d take to traveling. We spent 3 days, 2 nights at Sentosa. You enjoyed crawling all over the king sized bed in the the hotel, and was attentive when we walked around Resorts World, and went to visit some attractions on the island. We went to the Underwater World, Fort Siloso, Butterfly Park, Merlion and the Songs of the Sea show. It was pretty easy travelling with you. Since you couldn’t walk on your own as yet, we carried you in the Beco baby carrier. You slept when you were tired, and didn’t fuss very much. Night time sleep was rather difficult though. We managed to get a cot for you, and brought along your favourite toy, Colin the Croc. But you woke up crying several times at night, and didn’t settle back to sleep easily. Very unlike you. So we had 2 rough nights. When we got back home after the ‘holiday’, you developed a fever. We brought you to the doctor, who said that you are actually suffering from a ear infection. He says it usually gets particularly bad at night, and that you were pretty well behaved and un-cranky for a baby with an infection like that. He prescribed antibiotics, which you had to take for a week. Thankfully, you didn’t seem too affected by the infection, fed well, and was able to sleep well in your own cot. Now… mommy isn’t sure if you weren’t sleeping well at Sentosa because of the new environment, or because of the ear infection. Hmm… when will we be brave enough to go on another holiday? Soon, I hope!

You continue to bring us so much joy! Love you loads!

Hugs & kisses,


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

9 months old

Dear Nathan,

You are now 9 months old...

We had a rather trying week this month when you came down with the flu. You had a cough, a bad throat, blocked nose, drooled a lot and was generally grumpy. It got real bad when you didn't want to drink much milk. Initially, we thought that you were teething. So we tried giving you your teeting rings (which you rejected) and applied teething gel on your gums. The teething gel seemed to provide some comfort, and you drank some milk. Then I think your throat/blocked nose got worse. And you really didn't want any milk. The past few times that you were sick, you still fed well and slept well, and would gladly open your mouth when we fed you medicine. This time, you refused to feed and would cry when we gave you your medicine. Daddy had to hold you down while mommy fed you your medicine. It was rather heart wrenching watching you struggle, but it was necessary. We were so glad when you got better after a course of antibiotics. We continue to pray that you will grow strong and healthy.

We went shopping for your outfits for Uncle Don's wedding. We went to the tailor's thinking that we can tailor a matching shirt for you and daddy. Sadly, the tailor couldn't make shirts your size. Had to settle for off-the-rack ones instead. Nonetheless, we managed to get two outfits for you for the event.

We've started giving you baby snacks like baby puffs and yoghurt melts. Now that you can eat these stuff, it is easier to keep you occupied in your high chair while mommy and daddy have our meals. It's really cute when you tug at our arms after you've finished chewing what's in your mouth. We teach you to say 'more please' but you haven't quite mastered that. You haven't quite mastered your pincer grip as well, but I'm sure you will very soon.

You are better are crawling and can also cruise pretty well. With your new found mobility, you do silly stuff like climbing into mommy's suitcase and ransacking Oscar's trash can (your laundry basket). Once, when I was picking you up from the IFC, you saw me in the distance and crawled towards me. That was so heart warming.

You rode in a shopping cart for the first time when we went shopping for shelves at IKEA. You seem to enjoy the ride and it saves us the hassle of using your stroller.

You continue to bring us so much joy. We love you loads.


Saturday, May 22, 2010

Nathan vs Ant

Nathan just started crawling two weeks ago. He's gotten quite good at it. Here's him putting his new skill to use...

By the way, the ant survived. Nathan's small hands didn't manage to squash the ant.

Monday, May 10, 2010

8 months old

Dear Nathan,

You are 8 months old today… Mommy can’t believe that time has gone by so quickly. Very soon, we’d be celebrating your first birthday.

On Apr 30, you started crawling. Your new found mobility has made you are more fidgety, and changing you is becoming more challenging. You get impatient and would start fussing and wriggling about when we take too long to change your diapers even though daddy tells you that it’d be faster if you keep still. You are able to play by yourself but I think you have started developing separation anxiety recently. You would call for us when we walk away, wanting us to sit by your side and play with you.

At 7.5 months, mommy started giving you some formula milk. Currently, you are drinking about 60% breast milk, 40% formula milk. Thankfully, you’ve no issues with taking either and continue to feed well. You love solids. At home, you’d usually have brown rice cereal and fruit/vegetable purees. In school, you’ve tried fish, chicken, pumpkin, spinach, broccoli, marcoroni, mee sua and several others.

You are pretty happy sitting in a hair chair (most times), which makes it possible for mommy and daddy to eat together. The waiter at Applebees gave you a balloon when we went there for YeYe’s birthday dinner, and you were laughing when we played with the balloon. So adorable. Your hair has grown longer and it seems that the sweat glands on your head has just started working. The weather’s been pretty hot lately, and you sweat pretty easily… though it just your head that gets sweaty. Kinda strange. Nonetheless, you still smell nice. Mommy loves holding you close, and sniffing that baby smell of yours.

Mommy has started work at IBM… the arrangement is working out great so far. I drop you off at school before work, and am able to leave work on time to pick you up. Some days, daddy and mommy both go to work at together, so we get to spend some ‘family time’ together in the car while driving to your school, then to work. Mommy and daddy also get more opportunities to have lunch together. There was one day when I didn’t want to send you to school as you were a little unwell the day before. I asked my boss if she was ok that I worked from home, and she was agreeable. IBM also has nursing rooms where mommy can express milk for you in a private and comfortable setting. All in all, this job is more ‘Nathan friendly’. Mommy’s glad that you are enjoying your time in school, while we are at work.

You continue to bring so much joy to mommy and daddy. We love you loads.

Hugs & Kisses,


Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mommy's Day

Because of Nathan, I get to celebrate Mother’s Day. I’m so thankful that God has given me this babe, and continue to pray that I’d be a good mommy. He’s brought me so much joy. I think God is using motherhood to mould me into a better someone. Nathan’s entrance into this world has turned our lives around 180 degrees, but Dean and I would not have it anyway else.

Nathan’s first month was rather difficult. The 3 hourly feeds thru the day meant that I couldn’t sleep more than 2 hours at any one time. Moreover, I had to figure out breastfeeding, his different cries, how he likes to be comforted, how to put him to sleep without rocking him too much lest he becomes dependent on rocking... Thereafter, I got to know him better, and caring for him got easier. Thankfully, he started sleeping thru the night at 3 months old, and both Dean and I got more rest. That gave us more energy to do more fun things during the day. I enjoy watching him grow day by day. Each time he reaches a new milestone, my heart fills up with joy, and also a tinge of sadness. Joy as he can finally do something that we’ve been teaching / helping him, and sadness cos he's grown that little bit more. A part of me is unwilling to have him grow up so fast I guess. I look forward to picking him up from school every day. I like standing at the door, peeping in to see what he’s up to. Seeing him smile as our eyes meet, gives me this warm and fuzzy feeling. I love playing with him, singing to him, cuddling up with him. His favorite game so far has to be peekaboo. Love it when he chuckles in response. Some nights, he’d wake up crying, probably from a bad dream. I always manage to drag myself out of bed, pick him up, hug him and tell him that all is well. I think God has given moms an extra portion of His strength, cos no matter how tired I am, I still find myself jumping out of bed the moment I hear his cries thru the monitor.

Dear Nathan, thanks for being the darling that you are. Mommy is so blessed to have you. Even on lousy days, just looking at you brings a smile to my face. I have truly seen God’s goodness in my life (more than ever) since the day you arrived. Thanks too for the pair of Frank Gehry earrings that you and daddy got for me. You and daddy are mommy’s favorite boys! Love you loads!

Monday, April 12, 2010

7 months old

Dear Nathan,

You are now 7 months old.

You got mommy and daddy really worried when you contracted HFMD. After your jabs, you developed a fever, which was pretty usual. The fever was gone after a couple of doses of paracetamol, so we didn’t think much of it. Mommy’s friend, whose son just started attending the same infant care centre as you called mommy when I was at work. She said that her son has contracted HFMD and asked that we consider not sending you to school. However, I’ve already sent you to school that day. Coincidentally, the day before the phone call was centre closure day. So when mommy called the school, I was informed that they’ve just done a thorough cleaning during closure day, and that they’d continue to monitor the situation and do another round of cleaning. I didn’t see any point in bringing you home, since we were already halfway thru the day, and you were still behaving as usual.

When I picked you up on Friday, I noticed a small red bump on your thigh, which looked like a mosquito bite. Didn’t think much of it. The weekend went by as usual, and you had no symptoms.

On Monday, teacher Noi called about half an hour after I dropped you off at school. She noticed the same red bump on your thigh, and insisted that we brought you to the doctor. Mommy took you to see uncle EK, who said it looks like an insect bite. Besides, you had no fever, no ulcers, and no other spots. He wrote a ‘fit for school’ letter, and I took you back to school.

On Tuesday, it was business as usual. I sent you to school in the morning. That afternoon, the school called to say that you have a fever, and more spots. I got really worried, as now it really looks like you’ve developed HFMD. As uncle EK’s clinic was already closed by the time mommy picked you up, we waited till the next day before seeing him. He confirmed that you had HFMD. You had a small ulcer in your mouth, some spots around your ankles, some spots on your hands, and some on your bum. He prescribed some numbing drops for your ulcer, and asked us to use paracetamol to control your fever (if any). With that, you had to stay home till the spots disappeared, estimated to take about a week. Uncle EK says you’d be fit for school the following Tuesday.

Meanwhile, mommy had a really bad throat and a slight fever. The doctor, on hearing that you had HFMD, says that mommy could have contracted the same, though he wasn’t sure. Nonetheless, he gave me 3 days MC. Worked out nicely. Mommy could stay home with you without taking leave.

To mommy and daddy’s delight, HFMD hardly caused you any discomfort. The fever on Tuesday went down after a dose of paracetamol. After that, you had no more fever for the rest of the time. You were able to feed well, sleep well and was alert and active as usual. You woke up once or twice during the night, but was able to fall back to sleep after mommy/daddy cuddled you for a bit. We enjoyed our time at home. Meanwhile, spots started appearing on mommy’s hand and foot. So I was pretty sure that I had some degree of HFMD too. I went to see the doctor again on Monday, and was asked to stay home till the spots disappeared. Worked out perfectly, as you were only supposed to return to school on Tuesday.

HFMD aside, you are now able to hold your own milk bottle and do a good job of holding it high. You are also able to sit pretty well (don’t need to support yourself with your hands anymore), and your bottom 2 teeth have appeared… very sharp teeth if I might add.

That's a photo of you gnawing on a teething biscuit for the very first time. We've started putting you on a high chair when we eat at restaurants. I think you much prefer that since you get a better view. With your teeth, you’ve bitten mommy a few times when I was feeding you. I’ve pulled away and scolded you, and though I’m pretty certain you understood mommy when I said ‘no biting’, you still sneakily try to do it again… and again… and wait to watch my reaction. I think this is also the first time I’ve scolded you for doing something wrong. I said a firm ‘no’ and told you it was painful. You bit your lip and cried. I gave you a big hug, and said it’s ok, and not to do it again. You’d continue suckling, then you’d try again. Very cheeky!

We thank God that this episode of HFMD was pretty mild, and that you were spared from the discomfort. Mommy’s also thankful that we got to spend some mom n babe time together while we were home recovering. We continue to pray that you’d feed well, sleep well, grow up strong and healthy.

You continue to bring so much joy to mommy and daddy. We love you loads.

Hugs & kisses,


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

6 months old

Dear Nathan,

You are now 6 months old. Mommy hasn't had time to pen down my thoughts till today.

The biggest change we faced this month is that of mommy returning to work, and you starting infant care. Seems like mommy had more difficulty adapting to this change than you did. The work day morning starts with me waking up early to shower and change for work. I'd pack your milk and clothes bag while you are still sleeping, then pack my own bag. You usually wake up about 7 plus and I'd change your diaper. Then I'd strap you in your car seat, and we'd drive to school. We'd spend time praying in the car, and singing Children's songs as we drive. At work, I think about how you are doing, and can't wait to pick you up from school. You give me a big smile when I pick you up in the evenings. So heart warming. On the journey home, we'd talk about our day. Some days, you'd be tired and will fall asleep in your car seat. Mommy loves to watch you sleep.

We celebrated Chinese New Year this month. Since you grow so quickly and have so many clothes thanks to your cousins, we only bought you one Chinese New Year outfit. All the aunties and uncles were so delighted to see you. We had fun meeting up with our loved ones and friends.

You only put on about 400g since the last time we weighed you a month ago. You are really good at flipping now, and can sit by yourself for a much longer time. You've also started to lift your butt up when you're on your tummy. I think you'd be crawling soon. Can't wait!

You continue to bring so much joy to mommy and daddy. We love you loads.

Hugs & kisses,

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Milk Memos

How real moms learned to mix business with babies, and how you can, too. By Cate Colburn-Smith & Andrea Serrette.

I just finished reading this book, and thought that it's a real good read for moms returning to work. I felt comforted just knowing that there were other moms who've gone thru the same, and that my reactions were 'normal'. Reactions like crying the first time I left Nathan at the infant care centre, thinking about him the whole time I'm at work, worrying about whether I'm pumping enough milk for his feeds the next day, wanting to hold him and nurse him when the weekend comes around so that I can still have the intimacy with him... putting up with having to lug his bottles and my breast pump to work, having to find time to pump at work...

I actually finished reading the entire book over the weekend when Nathan was sleeping, or when I was feeding him. If you are a new mom, intending to breastfeed when you returning to work, do pick up this book. I couldn't find it in the major bookstores in Singapore, but managed to order a copy from Book Depository. By the way, I've found that books are generally cheaper from Books Depot, even after they factor in the free shipping worldwide. So far, the books I ordered arrive within a week.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

First Day at Infant Care

Nathan started going to the infant care centre yesterday. I had to lug his bag (which has his clothes, towels, teddy bear etc.), his milk bag and my big bag (with pumping essentials) and carry him at the same time. Think my arm muscles are getting stronger as he grows.

The day started off with free play followed by his first milk feed. I let the teacher feed him for the first time, and thankfully it was a non issue. He finished the whole bottle real quick as usual. Then they had hello time when they took turns to say hello to each other in song. His usual bath time followed. He fussed a bit during bath time. I suppose he still prefers his bath tub at home. After a bit more play, it was time for his first morning nap. I put him in his designated cot, which had his cot sheets, blanket, bean pillow and teddy bear brought from home. He started sucking his thumb, and was falling off to sleep when I told him that I’d be leaving for work, and will be picking him up later in the evening. I couldn’t hold back my tears when I kissed him goodbye. My boy has grown up that little bit more. As much as I’m happy that we’ve hit another milestone, I’m also missing the journey we took over the last 5+ months.

He was happy to see me when I picked him up in the evening. Felt so good to hold him, kiss him and smell him after a long day’s work. He seems to enjoy his time there, playing with new toys, standing in front of the mirror holding onto the handle bars (think mirrors at ballet studios, just that it is built for his height), interacting with his new teachers and friends. He had no problems feeding and sleeping in the new environment. In fact, he took a real long afternoon nap. Probably cos of the lack of afternoon naps on Saturday and Sunday when we’d usually take him out.

The little kids there are really socialable, and this is something that Dean and I thought would be good for him. Even though quitting my job to stay home to look after Nathan full-time is an option we can consider, we thought that sending him to the infant care centre is a good option. The social interaction would do him good. I also like the fact that they have structured activities to occupy the young ones. Am hoping that I’d be able to get a more flexible work arrangement. Then we’ll be able to have the best of both worlds – Nathan can spend some time at the infant care centre, and some time at home with mommy, and mommy can still stay in touch with the working world. Shall continue praying, waiting and trusting God for this.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I'm sad but he's glad...

I had a good laugh when I saw these writings on my Facebook wall. No prizes for guessing which one is written by my boss. I'm sure he didn't see my status when he wrote the birthday wishes.

Monday, February 22, 2010

On turning 30...

At 30, I am a very blessed wife and mommy. Thinking back, I remember that I've always wanted to get married and start a family of my own some time in my life. I didn't plan for it to happen by 30... there was no timeline for this plan of mine, but I suppose there isn't a better time for it.

I've done all the studying I need to do, gotten a pretty good job, spent a year in US (which in itself was a wonderful experience), bought my first property, married the man I love, given birth to my precious son. I've been showered with numerous blessings the past 30 years and I can't be more thankful. Moving ahead, I'll continue striving to be the Proverbs 31 woman. To be the perfect wife and mother.

Next week, I'll be going back to work after a 6 month break. I've spent almost every hour with Nathan ever since he was born. Such joy to be able to witness his growth, his development, his first smile, his first laugh, his first attempt at flipping over, sitting up, sucking his thumb. I enjoy reading to him, playing with him, bringing him out shopping. I know I'll miss his so much while I'm at work. It'll not be easy juggling full time work and motherhood. Dean and I have discussed this at great lengths, and we've decided that I'll go back to work when Nathan turns 6 months old. I'll try out this arrangement and we'll see how it works out. Am praying that I'll be able to find a good work-life balance.

Two are better than one... two plus baby makes three! I'm 30 this year. Next year, Nathan will sing me a birthday song and draw me a birthday card. Till then, I know I'll enjoy every moment of this new decade of my life.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

5 months old

Dear Nathan,

You just turned 5 months old... you've been smiling a lot lately, and you respond enthusiastically (most times) when we interact with you. So much fun! Seeing you smile really warms my heart. I was reading somewhere that babies smile the most when they are 4 months old. Yikes! I hope you continue smiling as much as ever... :)

In preparation for "school", we've gotten you a little school bag. This is one of mommy's favourite photos of you... You love it when daddy lifts you up like that. Never fails to bring a smile to your face.

Daddy took time off work between the Christmas and New Year break and we got to spend quite a bit of time as a family. Mommy loves such times!

You've taken a keener interest in your toys. You are able to reach out and grab toys held in front of you. Once you grab them, you'd try putting them in your mouth. Everything that you get your hands on goes into your mouth. Pretty amusing to watch, but it means we've to be more careful about objects that we leave within your reach. You've also discovered your feet. You've been holding on to your toes, and grabbing at your socks. You try to put your feet in your mouth too, but haven't quite succeeded. You enjoy sucking your thumb - helps you to sleep and soothes you when you are cranky. With your thumb, you do not use your pacifier anymore. You're also learning to sit up on your own. Still not very stable as yet, but you are getting there.

We attended several celebrations this month. Por Por and Yi Yi's birthday, Naomi's, Hannes', Darius' and Shannon's first month parties, Uncle Jackson and Aunty Sharon's wedding at Sentosa, and Christopher's 1st birthday. You enjoy going out and try hard to stay awake even when the outings eat into your nap times. It's really funny when you try to fight the Z monster.

Mommy will be going back to work next month. The thought of going back brings tears... Having spent almost all of my time with you ever since you were born, I will surely miss you when I'm at work. Been trying to think up fun things to do with you in the last few weeks that I'm home with you. Still praying that mommy will be able to get a more ideal work arrangement so that I'll be able to work and still spend time with you.

You continue to bring so much joy to mommy and daddy. We love you loads!

Hugs and kisses,

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Nathan's Sleeps in His Own Room

Nathan usually sleeps in his own room during his day time naps, and in mommy and daddy's room at night. Now that he's capable of sleeping thru the night, we figured that we can let him sleep in his own room at night too.

In preparation for that, we decided to lower his cot mattress just in case he sits up or stands up on his own when we are not around. Not that he can do any of that on his own presently... but you never know when.

31 Jan is the first night that Nathan will sleep in his own room alone. After his night feed and warm bath, I told him that he's a big boy now, and he'll be sleeping in his own room from then on. I settled him in his cot, and switched off his room lights. We said our bedtime prayers with Nathan, kissed him good night and left him in his cot to fall asleep on his own. That's his usual bedtime routine. He's usually capable of falling asleep on his own without much fuss. That night, I suspect he got confused and wondered why he was in his downstairs cot instead of his upstairs cot. He cried once. Mommy went in to explain that he's sleeping in his own room from now, and assured him that all is well. After a few minutes, he cried again. This time, daddy went in. He fell asleep soon after. At about 3am, I heard him crying thru the baby monitor. I went into his room, tucked him under his blanket, and said, "Nathan, mommy's here". He took one look at me, popped his thumb back into his mouth, and fell asleep soon after. The next time he woke up was at 8am, for his first feed. :)

I didn't expect that it'd be a difficult move as he usually sleeps in his own room in the day, and even when he sleeps in our room at night, he sleeps in his own cot. Maybe it was more difficult for me than for Nathan. I felt a tinge of sadness as I walked back to our room without Nathan. For the last few months, I would carry him to our room after his bath, tuck him in his cot, pray with him and leave him to fall asleep on his own. I could hear him when he sucks his thumb, and could easily check on him in the middle of the night. I felt sad as my baby has grown that little bit older. Old enough to sleep in his own room. It's the same feeling I get each time he hits a new milestone. On one hand, I'm filled with joy that he can now do something new, but at the same time, I'm sad cos he's grown that little bit older. Strange... I wonder if it's just me. Dean doesn't really feel that way. He says they'll be more milestones even as he grows.

After that first night, he didn't cry anymore when I left him in his room the next two nights. He didn't even wake up in the middle of the night to fuss. My baby has really grown that little bit older. *sob*

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Daddy's Going to Work

Dean is usually the one who feeds Nathan at 8am. This morning, he was going to work early, so I was going to feed Nathan instead. At 7 plus, Nathan was already awake and playing in his cot on his own. He usually wakes up on his own and we leave him to play in his cot for a bit, before feeding him at 8.

Dean picked Nathan up from his cot...
Daddy: Nathan, daddy's going to work early today.
Nathan: *baby talks with sadness in his voice*
Daddy: Daddy will be back in the evening. Daddy will see you later.
Nathan: *baby talks more cheerfully*

As I sat there and watched, I couldn't help smiling. It was one of those moments where although we didn't understand what Nathan was saying, we understood him fully.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Nathan's Routine

I'm pretty happy with the routine that I've gotten Nathan into. Wanted him to get into a good routine before I return to work so things will be more predictable for both of us. I've been working on this eversince the beginning, so I'm really pleased that it has worked out. Another answered prayer.

7.00am Rise & Shine
8.00am Milk feed (usually bottlefeed by daddy)
8.30am Bath
9.00am Wake time
10.00am Nap time
11.00am Milk feed
11.40am Wake time
1.00pm Nap time
2.00pm Milk feed
2.40pm Wake time
4.00pm Nap time
5.00pm Milk feed
5.40pm Wake time
7.00pm Nap time
8.00pm Milk feed
8.40pm Bath time
9.00pm Bed time

Milk feeds
Nathan has 5 feeds a day. Other than the first bottlefeed (expressed breast milk) in the morning, he latches on for the rest. I give him 150ml for the first feed though he's capable of finishing more if we fill the bottle up but I'm concerned about over-feeding him. Not sure how much he drinks when he latches on, but he usually takes a full feed (20 min each breast).

Wake time
During wake time, Nathan can play by himself for short periods of time when I leave him in his play gym. Other times, I'd read to him, sing to him, play with his toys or we'd go thru his flash cards. Lately, he's happy when we leave him in his Bumbo chair infront of the TV. But I'm not keen on letting him watch too much TV although it does make a good baby-sitter. Sometimes, I'd take him out (usually shopping centres).

Nap time
Nathan takes 4 short naps which add up to less than 4 hours. I believe the 4 short naps will be consolidated to 2 longer ones but I haven't figured out how to go about it. It seems that he still gets tired after each wake time and needs to sleep although sometimes the naps can be as short as 30 minutes. Was asking some young moms, and they said the consolidation will happen 'automatically'. No intervention required. Hmm... oh well... so for now, I'll still let him take 4 short naps.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I signed Nathan up for Kindermusik classes for the month of Jan and Feb. First lesson was yesterday. It was loads of fun! An hour filled with songs, dance, bubbles, percussion instruments and more.

Nathan with his imaginary microphone

Nathan will be going to the infant care centre when mommy starts work in March. Kindermusik classes will be conducted at his infant care centre. So I figured that exposing him to a 'classroom setting' and having some degree of familiarity will help him settle down in March. But more than that, it was also a good break for mommy. Even though I sit thru the class with him, I didn't need to think up ways to occupy him for that hour. :) Reminds me of my Yamaha days as a child more than 25 years ago.

Daddy came to meet us for dinner after the class. Think I'm going to miss such times that I get to spend with daddy and Nathan when I return to work.

Daddy: Nathan, did you enjoy today's Kindermusik class?
Nathan: *BIG SMILE*

Monday, January 11, 2010

4 months old

Dear Nathan,

You just turned 4 months old... you are smiling, talking and laughing so much more these days.

Nathan tries to eat the very hungry caterpillar

You surprised mommy when you flipped over from your tummy to back when you were 3 months 1 day old. I missed your first attempt, but managed to capture the second and third attempts on video, so daddy got to see it too. It is such a joy to be able to witness your firsts.

Several new shopping centres have come up along Orchard Road. We took you to Orchard Central and 313 Somerset. It is mommy's first time in these places as well. You enjoy being pushed around in your stroller and would usually sit quietly observing the sights and sounds. You attract quite a bit of attention. Strangers would come up to us and say how cute you are. Two days before Christmas, mommy ventured out with you alone. Just mom and babe. It's the first time I took you out on my own in my car. Mommy drove while you sat in your car seat at the back alone. You didn't fuss at all, and we enjoyed our time at Raffles City. Mommy chose this shopping mall as it is has a very nice nursery... just in case I needed to feed or change you. Since you were so well behaved, I decided that we could go out more often while daddy's at work. It's quite a bit of logistics with the car seat and stroller, but I think the fresh air will do us good.

Daddy took some time off work and accompanied you to see Uncle Eng Keow for your 3rd month jabs. You developed a slight fever after the jabs. Thankfully the fever was gone after two doses of paracetamol and your sleeping/feeding routines weren't affected.

We celebrated Christmas with our extended families. Lunch at Mount Sinai, dinner at Cashew. You received more Christmas presents than mommy and daddy even though you didn't give any. Mommy and daddy both agreed that you are our BEST Christmas gift this year. We thank God for you everyday.

You continue to bring so much joy to mommy and daddy. We love you loads!

Hugs & kisses,

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Bottle Feeds

After our failed attempts at bottle feeding about a month ago, we decided to give the bottle a break. All this time, I've been praying that Nathan will be willing to drink from the bottle as I'd be going back to work in March. His refusal of the bottle got me really worried.

Last week, I was plagued with blocked ducts (again!). After I cleared the blocked ducts, I had blisters. Sigh! The woes of breastfeeding. Well... because of all that, Dean suggested that we give my boobs a break, and try bottle feeding again.

I was rather nervous when Dean gave Nathan his first bottle this morning. But I needn't had worried. Nathan finished the 140ml bottle in record time! Mommy's so relieved. Daddy continued giving him the rest of his feeds from the bottle except the last feedm and Nathan was able to drink up without much fuss. Thank God - another answered prayer.

Nathan enjoying his bottle of milk