Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sleeping Thru the Night - 7 hours

Nathan's about 8 weeks old, and he's started to skip his first middle of the night feed (he has 2 middle of the night feeds, one at about 1am, and another at about 4am). Some days, he still wakes up at 1am to fuss, and I'd have to coax him to sleep. It doesn't take that much effort to get him to sleep again, so I figure he's not hungry.

He still wakes up for his 4.30am feed. I've tried to coax him to sleep, but he continues fussing. When I feed him, he happily finishes a full feed. I suppose that means he still needs this feed.

So in total, he's sleeping from about 9pm to 4.30am. 7 hours :). Actually, 7 hours is already counted as sleeping thru according to the books. The books suggest giving him an additional feed at 11pm or so, so that the 4.30am feed can be pushed back to about 6.30am. I've decided not to do this as I'd like his bedtime to be 9pm. So for now, I'll continue waking up at 4.30am to feed him... till he's old enough to do without this feed.

I'm so glad that Nathan's more or less sleeping thru. Now I'll just need to figure out how to cut out the 1am fussing.

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