Thursday, September 10, 2009

Nathan's Birth Story

Here goes Nathan’s birth story…


Felt like my water bag was leaking.
Went to the toilet to clean up, and noticed that my mucous plug has dislodged.
Washed up, thinking that I can wait till a more sane hour like 6am, before going to the hospital.
Another gush of water. Guess not.


Took a shower.
Did some last minute packing.
Woke Dean up.
Dean showered.


Left the house.
Popped by the post office to post some letters.


Reached the hospital (called hospital on the way there so they can be on standby).
Midwife asked about my history etc.
Midwife did a virginal examination and was surprised to find that I was already 5cm dilated as I told her I felt no pain/contractions.
Dean was asked to see to the admission procedures (I/Cs of dad n mum needed).


Enema given.
Poo-ed twice


I was asked if I wanted any pain killers. Prior to this, I had already started using the laughing gas.
Another VE done. 7cm dilated. Had to decide on painkillers immediately as they can’t be administered any later else might have side effects.
Thinking that I hadn’t reached the peak of pain, I decided to take the pethidine jab.


Pethidine administered by midwife. If I had opted for epidural, an anaesthetist will need to be called.
Pethidine takes ½ hour to take effect.


Another VE. 9cm dilated.

Midwife got me to practice pushing. Her instructions – “push as if you are trying to pass motion”. ??? I had no idea what I was expected to do, and according to her, I wasn’t making much progress. Basically, the contractions come, and I’m supposed to push, hold for 10 seconds, and repeat till the contractions are gone. Typically that would be about 3 cycles of pushing. I was getting tired, and on the verge of giving up. Asked her if there were any alternatives.


Dr Thong appears. Broke my water bag. The pushing continues…


Nathan’s born

Dean and I are so thankful that God has given us Nathan. His hand is clearly visibly through my pregnancy and delivery, and we trust that He’ll continue to guide us as we seek to bring Nathan up in His ways.

First family photo with Nathan

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