Monday, June 22, 2009


Antenatal Classes
We have signed up for antenatal classes at Raffles Hospital. The six 1.5 hour lessons will cost $168. Very much cheaper than Birth and Beyond. I explored the Birth and Beyond option as we were put on the waiting list for the RH class commencing 30 June. If we didn't get a confirmed place, we'd need to attend classes elsewhere as the next run will not end before I deliver. Thank God we managed to get a place in RH. I suppose it'll be better as we'll get to tour the RH labour facilities. According to the schedule and topics, the following will be covered.

Lesson 1
- Maternal Nutrition

Lesson 2
- Changes in a Woman's Body During Pregnancy
- Exercises During Pregnancy
- Safety Considerations for Each Trimester

Lesson 3
- Relaxation Through Massage
- Coping with 1st Stage Labour

Lesson 4
- Coping with 2nd Stage Labour
- Moving Around During Early Postnatal Period
- Essential Exercises for the Postnatal Mother
- Hospital Tour

Lesson 5
- Prepartion for Breastfeeding & Common Concerns

Lesson 6
- Transition into Parenthood
- Normal Characteristic / Appearance of a Newborn
- Care for the Newborn

Suppose it'll be good for Deanaling who are still pretty clueless about the labour process.

Prepartion for Parenting
Two couples we spoke to over the weekend recommended Gary Ezzo's books (the Becoming Babywise series). There are also courses based on these books that are run by Growing Families International. I've bought the books, and signed up for the course. I believe we'll be able to pick up some useful pointers on parenting from this.

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