Monday, June 1, 2009

The Essentials

My sister compiled a list of essentials c/w her favourite brands. With the numerous brands available in the market, I suppose it can be pretty daunting for first time moms. So I'm posting the list she gave me here. If you prefer the "tried and tested", here goes...

For Baby
1) Bath/Shower gel: Cetaphil, Quwash
2) Cotton pads: Guardian
3) Nappy rash cream: Nephew & Smith
4) Diapers: Mamy Poko Newborn (night time) & Drypers Small (day time)
5) Wet wipes: Pigeon, Tolly Joy (fragrance free)
6) Comb: Pigeon
7) Nail scissors: Pigeon
8) Milk bottles: Pigeon (buy 2 of the smallest size for water)
9) Pacifier: Avent (set of 2)
10) Bean sprout pillow: Spring Maternity

For Mommy
1) Breast pads: Tolly Joy
2) Sanitary pads: Kotex Ultra Thin, Cottony, Ultra Long with Wings
3) Nursing bra: Mothers En Vogue, Spring Maternity, Mothercare
4) Nipple cream: Cocoa Butter

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