Monday, April 20, 2009

A Short Holiday

Deanaling spent a lovely weekend in Batam, at a resort called Tempat Senang. It is a small resort with only 5 suites, each decorated with a different theme. I understand that the resort just opened about six months back. It is well maintained, and though small, has all that we need to wind down, to relax, to take a step back from our hectic schedules in Singapore. We liked the idea that it is nestled on a hill next to a golf course with plenty of greenery. It was nice waking up to the sound of running water and crickets.

The owners are really friendly, easy people. It was a pleasure staying with them. They have a dog and a parrot who supposedly has an amazing vocabulary!

We enjoyed the 3-hour long spa treatments. I think the spa and accommodation packages are value-for-money. There is an ongoing Citibank promotion that gives you about $50 off the rates published on the website.

Just a 40 minute ferry ride away from Harbourfront Ferry Terminal... time to pack your bags and go!