Monday, March 30, 2009

Pain in the butt!

I can't quite remember when the pain started. When I change positions... like from sitting down to standing up, or lying down to standing up, I get this pain in my right butt. A few weeks back, I decided to vacuum and mop the entire house. Bad decision! After the job was done, the pain was excruciating. Good thing it went back to 'normal' (i.e. bearable) after a few days.

Was wondering if it is a normal occurrence for pregnant ladies, or if there were other causes for concern. So I did a google, and found that they actually have a name for what I'm suffering from - Pelvic Girdle Pain (PGP). Now, I'm wondering if there is a remedy for PGP. I shall ask Dr Thong at my next appointment.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Two plus baby makes three

Yes! We are expecting our first child this September.

Dean & I first found out on 22 Jan, but we didn't tell our parents till 3 Feb, after our first visit to the obstetrician.

Initial reactions
Ling's > Yay!
Dean's > So fast?!
Thereafter, a mix of anticipation and anxiety.

It has been a pretty good first trimester. Morning sickness sets in in the evenings (which is good since I'd most likely be home from work by then), and I threw up less than 10 times the whole 3 months. So thankful cos I absolutely hate feeling nauseous.

I hear that I'll feel a whole lot better in the second trimester. :) Got to get myself out of the house and keep up with regular exercise. The doctor says that swimming is good and it'll help strengthen my back muscles for delivery.

Praying that our baby will grow strong and healthy, and that God will prepare us for our journey ahead as parents.