Tuesday, September 15, 2009

First Visit to the Paediatrician

Nathan went for his first paed visit today. He looked rather yellow so Uncle Eng Keow ordered a jaundice test. He cried when the nurse pricked his heel to get blood. I was worried that the result will be > 15.

As it turns out, his jaundice level is 16.1 My heart sank. Nurse says that because it is borderline, we have 2 options: 1) admit Nathan for 3 days 2 nights where he'll undergo phototherapy treatment at the hospital ($600+), or 2) rent a phototherapy machine so he can undergo treatment at home. I chose the latter as I could not bear leaving Nathan in the hospital. Had to hold back my tears. I just want him to be well.

Uncle Eng Keow also recommended that we went to see the lactation consultant. Insufficient milk intake could be the reason why Nathan's still jaundiced. We spent a good hour or two at Thomson's ParentCraft Centre. The LC was patient and helpful. She showed me the different positions and helped me with getting Nathan to latch on correctly. She also taught Dean how to feed Nathan using a cup. To prevent nipple confusion, we were not supposed to bottlefeed or use pacifiers in the first month. Hence, if we wanted to give Nathan expressed breast milk or formula milk, we were advised to use the cup. I'm praying that my milk supply will increase and that Nathan will be able to feed well from the breast.

Dear God, You saw me thru my pregnancy and delivery. Help me to trust that You will continue to watch over our little family of 3. Heal Nathan from jaundice and help me as I struggle with breastfeeding. In Jesus Name I pray, Amen.

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