Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Sleeping Thru the Night - 10 hours

At 14 weeks, Nathan's sleeping 10 hours at night. He's done that 3 nights in a row, and I'm pretty certain that it's for the long haul. He sleeps at 9pm and wakes up at about 7am. After a nice warm bath, I'd settle him in his bed. We'd thank God for the day and pray for ourselves and our loved ones. Thereafter, I leave him alone in his cot, and he falls asleep on his own. Yay! He's stopped waking up at 1am to fuss and does not need the 4.30am feed anymore. Finally more sleep for mommy and daddy. He still wakes up about once or twice in the middle of the night. Thankfully, getting him to go back to sleep is pretty easy. I'd give him his pacifier and say, "Nathan, it's still night time. Go back to sleep...". And he usually falls asleep soon after.

I'm so glad he's sleeping thru the night. As much as we've prayed so much that Nathan will be able to sleep thru by 8 weeks, and read about how a fixed routine and a correct feed-wake-sleep cycle will help babies to sleep thru from as early as 8 weeks, I was still pretty doubtful as I've also heard of babies who still require both their night feeds when they are 15 months old. I'm so thankful that Nathan's able to rest well at night without waking up for night feeds. Another answered prayer. :)

The next step would be to move him into his own room. He sleeps in his own room for day time naps, but has been sleeping in our room (in his own cot) at night. I'm hoping to move him to his own room when he stops needing me to coax him back to sleep in the middle of the night... hopefully by the time he's 6 months old.

Friday, December 11, 2009

3 months old

Dear Nathan,

You just turned 3 months old...

You smile spontaneously and coo in response when we talk to you. Mommy's enjoying every moment with you. Once, daddy came home after a hard day's work. We were sitting in the living room reading a book. Daddy opened the door and saw us. He sat beside you and started talking to you... "Hi Nathan, did you miss daddy? ... What did you do today? ...", you smiled and responded in a language that we didn't understand yet fully understood. Daddy remarked that it is so heart warming especially after a long tiring day at work. We're so thankful for you.

You first discovered your hands this month, and sucked your thumb for the very first time. Mommy couldn't help smiling to myself when I saw you lying in your cot, asleep, with your thumb in your mouth. So cute! You've also started sticking your tongue out and have learnt how to blow bubbles with your saliva.

You attended your first wedding service and behaved real well... though half the time you were under the nursing bib, drinking milk.

You said you first word... in response to daddy's question of "Nathan, how was your day?" You responded with "GOOD!" We were rather tickled.

You continue to bring so much joy to mommy and daddy. We love you loads!

Hugs & kisses,

Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Struggle with Bottle Feeds

The struggle with bottle feeds started about a week ago and we're still trying to find out why Nathan is refusing the bottle. Daddy's the one who feeds Nathan when we want to give him the bottle. When he was about 1+ month old, we started giving him the bottle every now and then. We were advised to give him at least one bottle feed a day when he turns 1 month old so that he'll be comfortable drinking from both the breast and the bottle. We have not been diligent with the bottle feeds partly cos it is so much easier to latch him, and also cos daddy's schedule hasn't been regular. I suppose because of that, he's now rejecting the bottle. :( Getting me really worried as I'd be going back to work in March.

We've tried varying the temperature of the milk, holding him in different positions, and even bought all the different teats available in the market to see which one he prefers. Other than the numerous brands available (we've tried Avent, Pigeon and Nuk), each brand also has numerous options (different sized holes that'll affect the flow speed, different material, different shapes). Gosh! We've exhausted our options, but he still doesn't want to take the bottle. He was able to finish a bottle of milk in about 10 minutes in the past... now, he takes more than an hour! Am praying that we'll figure this one out real soon.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Nathan's First Word

Mommy and daddy were really thrilled when we heard Nathan 'say his first word'. And thankfully, we got it captured on video.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sleeping Thru the Night - 7 hours

Nathan's about 8 weeks old, and he's started to skip his first middle of the night feed (he has 2 middle of the night feeds, one at about 1am, and another at about 4am). Some days, he still wakes up at 1am to fuss, and I'd have to coax him to sleep. It doesn't take that much effort to get him to sleep again, so I figure he's not hungry.

He still wakes up for his 4.30am feed. I've tried to coax him to sleep, but he continues fussing. When I feed him, he happily finishes a full feed. I suppose that means he still needs this feed.

So in total, he's sleeping from about 9pm to 4.30am. 7 hours :). Actually, 7 hours is already counted as sleeping thru according to the books. The books suggest giving him an additional feed at 11pm or so, so that the 4.30am feed can be pushed back to about 6.30am. I've decided not to do this as I'd like his bedtime to be 9pm. So for now, I'll continue waking up at 4.30am to feed him... till he's old enough to do without this feed.

I'm so glad that Nathan's more or less sleeping thru. Now I'll just need to figure out how to cut out the 1am fussing.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

2 months old

Dear Nathan,

You just turned 2 months old...

You attended your first church service on 11 Oct... though you were sleeping thru most of the sermon. Pastor Paul introduced you to the church, and you received a very warm welcome. It is mommy and daddy's prayer that you'd grow up to be a man who loves the Lord; a man who'd honour God and remember His grace.

You smiled at mommy for the very first time on 31 Oct. I was holding you in my arms and was about to give you your midnight feed. You looked up at me and smiled. It was so heart warming. I teared. It has been so tiring waking up every 3 hours to feed you. The middle of the night feeds are the toughest. But that smile of yours melted my heart.

You've started to enjoy bath times. It was by accident that mommy discovered what worked for you. We've been using the bath seat in your bath tub since mommy bought it when you were one or two weeks old. One evening (3 Nov to be exact), you did a MASSIVE poo. Poo was flowing out of your diaper, and it was super messy. So I decided to bathe you after cleaning your bum. Figured that it'd be easier to wash your bum without the bath seat. And surprisingly, you didn't cry when I put you in the water. From that day on, you stopped crying in the bath. Now that you enjoy your bath times, mommy bathes you 2 times a day. :)

You get to go out more these days... in the first month, you only got to go to Thomson Medical Centre. Now that you are older, we've brought you out a little more. We've gone to Robinsons to buy toys, West Coast Plaza for dinner, KK hospital for your hair cut, various infantcare centres to recce... more to come.

You continue to bring so much joy to mommy and daddy. We love you loads.

Hugs & kisses,

Saturday, October 10, 2009

1 month old

Dear Nathan,

You just turned one month old... mommy has been looking forward to this as I've been told that the first month is the most difficult... which means it's going to get easier soon. Yay!

It has been a trying month. The first 2 weeks were relatively easier because all you did was eat and sleep. You'd fall asleep after each feed and wake up 3 hours later for your next feed. Mommy was pretty amazed at how you'd wake up almost exactly 3 hours after your last feed. From week 3 onwards, you didn't fall asleep immediately after each feed. You'd want to stay awake so I had to think of wake time activities to keep you occupied. Then came the hard part - putting you to sleep. After the wake time activities, you'd start fussing, and it's clear to me that you've had enough and would like to sleep. But you had difficulty falling asleep on your own in your cot. Mommy didn't want to rock you to sleep as I was afraid that it'd become a habit. I also didn't want to let you suckle to sleep as that'd be a bad habit too. So... I really didn't know how to get you to sleep. You can cry from the end of one wake time to the start of the next feed... and you crying makes mommy cry too. After lots of prayer, and speaking with friends who've just had babies, we're managing better at the sleep front. I'm still hoping that you'd sleep thru the night by the time you are 8 weeks old. It's really tiring as I've not slept more than 3 hours ever since you arrived. Sleep - one of the things we need to continue working at.

We struggled with breastfeeding. You were rather fussy and impatient and I had trouble getting you to latch on properly. Improper latching resulted in sore and cracked nipples. Thankfully mommy has a pretty high threshold of pain. So I continued latching you although it was painful. Now, we've both gotten the hang of it. I enjoy holding you in my arms, and watching you suckle. Such joy!

You hated bath times. You'd bawl from the time you're undressed and wouldn't stop till I've finishing bathing you and dressing you. I bought you a bath seat as I thought it could be because you were feeling insecure with just mommy holding you, but you still continued crying in the bath seat. I tried getting you to hold on to something so you'd feel more secure, but you still wouldn't stop crying. Until I figure out what works for you, you're only having one bath a day. It's just too stressful for mommy.

Your daddy has been a wonderful husband and doting father. Mommy is so thankful for him. I've never really seen the fatherly side of him, and was amazed that he took on the role of daddy so easily. The first day I saw daddy in his work clothes after the delivery, I teared. You were still undergoing phototherapy and when he came to kiss me goodbye in your room, I teared. He stayed home for the first 5 days or so after your arrival, and I was getting used to having him around. I suppose I was feeling overwhelmed.

Dear God, please continue to grant me the strength, wisdom and patience as I learn how to care for Nathan and meet his needs. I pray that Nathan will be able to feed well, sleep well and grow well. Give Dean an extra portion of your strength as he has a heavy work load. Bless our little family of 3. Amen.

In spite of the lack of sleep, stress and tears, mommy and daddy are still so thankful for you. You've brought both joy and tears. I'm sure we'll do better going forward as mommy and daddy get better at our jobs as parents. Meanwhile, be patient with us as we try to decipher your cries and meet your needs. We love you loads!

Hugs and kisses,

Monday, October 5, 2009


I posted the following shoutout on Facebook and was pleasantly surprised to get 32 responses! I was getting desperate as I can't seem to get Nathan to fall asleep on his own. It was comforting to know others who've struggled with the same problem (some still struggling), and the solutions they've found.

Dean and I were talking about how blessed we were that there are so many of our friends are expecting babies at about the same time as us. Other than Nathan having playmates in future, it also helps us as parents. I'm so thankful for friends who've just gone down the 'new parents road'. They have been so encouraging. Hearing how they dealt with various issues with their newborns has helped me to handle Nathan better.

I can't stand it when folks talk about how taking care of babies is easy, or that we've got an easy baby, that sleeping thru will naturally happen... even more so when it comes from people who 'farmed out' their babies from the time they were 2 months old. If they hardly saw their babies in the week, and left the baby care to someone else, of course it is easy. If you've not had to deal sleep depravation, breast feeding and changing diapers in the middle of the night, I do not want to hear your mindless comments.

Other than hearing from loved ones and friends, the two books that I've found helpful are Gary Ezzo's On Becoming Baby Wise and Gina Ford's Contented Little Baby. Incidentally, these two books were also recommended by our friends. I don't follow Gina Ford's strict schedule, but I apply the principles. Both books are based on the feed-wake-sleep principle. The idea is to repeat these three activities in the right order, in rhythmic cycles. As Gary wrote in his book,"routine leads to consistency, consistency leads to stabiliszation of each activity... as a result, the whole family is blessed by the order brought to baby's day".

I started off feeding Nathan on demand, which resulted in a 3 hour cycle. Wake time needs to follow after feed time. It is easy to put baby to sleep immediately after a feed, especially at the beginning because babies naturally fall asleep at the breast. But the books says that if you allow that, baby doesn't take a full feed, he sleeps but wakes up shortly after because he's still hungry. You'd end up with a baby that doesn't feed well nor sleep well, and a very tired mom who has to feed very often. Snack feeding is something to avoid at the very start. The idea is to ensure that baby stays awake to finish a full feed. Having fed well, play with him till he's tired (usually you'd be able to tell cos he'll start fussing). When he's tired, settle him in his cot wide awake. You want him to learn how to sleep on his own, without the need for sleep props.

With all the suggestions gathered, I'm slowly figuring out what works for Nathan. I found that swaddling Nathan helps him to sleep better. Else his arms will be flailing about, and he wakes himself up. Nicely swaddled, I'd sing him a bedtime song. The same song all the time so he'll recognise it as his bedtime song. On good days, he'll fall asleep shortly. Some days, it takes a bit of effort. If he still doesn't sleep, I'll put him on his tummy, and pat his bum. He'd fuss for a bit cos he generally doesn't like being put on his tummy. But after a few pats, he'll usually fall asleep. In the day, I do not draw the curtains so he'll be able to differentiate day from night. For nights, there are no wake times. If I talk to him, it'll be in hushed tones. He's put straight back to bed after a feed. With the full feeds and routine established, you're working towards getting baby to sleep thru the night. My goal is to get Nathan to sleep thru by the time he's 8 weeks old so that both Dean and I can rest better.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

First Visit to the Paediatrician

Nathan went for his first paed visit today. He looked rather yellow so Uncle Eng Keow ordered a jaundice test. He cried when the nurse pricked his heel to get blood. I was worried that the result will be > 15.

As it turns out, his jaundice level is 16.1 My heart sank. Nurse says that because it is borderline, we have 2 options: 1) admit Nathan for 3 days 2 nights where he'll undergo phototherapy treatment at the hospital ($600+), or 2) rent a phototherapy machine so he can undergo treatment at home. I chose the latter as I could not bear leaving Nathan in the hospital. Had to hold back my tears. I just want him to be well.

Uncle Eng Keow also recommended that we went to see the lactation consultant. Insufficient milk intake could be the reason why Nathan's still jaundiced. We spent a good hour or two at Thomson's ParentCraft Centre. The LC was patient and helpful. She showed me the different positions and helped me with getting Nathan to latch on correctly. She also taught Dean how to feed Nathan using a cup. To prevent nipple confusion, we were not supposed to bottlefeed or use pacifiers in the first month. Hence, if we wanted to give Nathan expressed breast milk or formula milk, we were advised to use the cup. I'm praying that my milk supply will increase and that Nathan will be able to feed well from the breast.

Dear God, You saw me thru my pregnancy and delivery. Help me to trust that You will continue to watch over our little family of 3. Heal Nathan from jaundice and help me as I struggle with breastfeeding. In Jesus Name I pray, Amen.

Monday, September 14, 2009

More Sleepless NIghts...

Again, the night was difficult. Even though Nathan took a full feed, he was not able to settle after the second night feed. After the 4am feed, he refused to settle until 6.30am. Gosh! That was tiring.

The rest of the day seemed to go well. He'd wake every 2 to 3 hours for a feed, and settle well after he's fed. I suppose he's still on a reverse day-night cycle. Let's hope he recovers from 'jet lag' soon.

Dear God, please give me wisdom and strength as I learn how to be a good mommy. Give me the patience and strength I need to care for Nathan. I pray that Nathan will be able to settle well at night, like how he does in the day, and that we'd be able to train him to sleep thru the night by the time he's 8 weeks old. Then daddy will be well rested for work the next day. We are so thankful that you've given us Nathan and pray that You'll continue to guide us a we seek to bring him up to be a man of honour and grace.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

First Day Home

Mom and babe were discharged in the afternoon after two nights in hospital.

We're so thankful that God has brought Nathan into our lives. Praise God the delivery was smooth even though I was close to giving up. Dean has been a really sweet husband and doting father. He has been most supportive. Have never seen this side of him - the fatherly side. He's taken on the role so naturally.

Felt rather emotional when it was time to be discharged. While Dean was settling the hospital bills, I was tearing in the ward. When in hospital, help was just a button away. Nathan cries, we can't figure out why; press the button and the nurse appears. Had difficulty breast feeding; press the button and the nurse appears. I wasn't sure if I'd be able to manage when we got home. I teared in the car on the way home too. Prayed that God will give me the strength and wisdom that I'd need to handle this responsibility.

The first night was rather difficult. After the second night feed, Nathan refused to settle. We tried soothing him, coaxing him to go back to sleep. He just wouldn't. Dean was real sweet. After we failed miserably at pacifying Nathan, he carried Nathan out of the room and asked me to get some sleep. Of course I couldn't get to sleep knowing that Nathan's crying. We weren't sure if he was crying cos he was hungry, uncomfortable or ??? He's been fed, diaper has been changed and everything seems to be right (at least to us). Dean managed to pacify him after awhile, and he slept for a bit, and woke up again. Figuring that he might be hungry because my milk hasn't come in, we decided to feed him the last bottle of Friso formula milk that we got from the hospital. I was feeling kinda disappointed about not being able to satisfy him with my milk. Dear God, I pray my milk will come in real soon, and that they'd always be enough milk for Nathan.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Nathan's Birth Story

Here goes Nathan’s birth story…


Felt like my water bag was leaking.
Went to the toilet to clean up, and noticed that my mucous plug has dislodged.
Washed up, thinking that I can wait till a more sane hour like 6am, before going to the hospital.
Another gush of water. Guess not.


Took a shower.
Did some last minute packing.
Woke Dean up.
Dean showered.


Left the house.
Popped by the post office to post some letters.


Reached the hospital (called hospital on the way there so they can be on standby).
Midwife asked about my history etc.
Midwife did a virginal examination and was surprised to find that I was already 5cm dilated as I told her I felt no pain/contractions.
Dean was asked to see to the admission procedures (I/Cs of dad n mum needed).


Enema given.
Poo-ed twice


I was asked if I wanted any pain killers. Prior to this, I had already started using the laughing gas.
Another VE done. 7cm dilated. Had to decide on painkillers immediately as they can’t be administered any later else might have side effects.
Thinking that I hadn’t reached the peak of pain, I decided to take the pethidine jab.


Pethidine administered by midwife. If I had opted for epidural, an anaesthetist will need to be called.
Pethidine takes ½ hour to take effect.


Another VE. 9cm dilated.

Midwife got me to practice pushing. Her instructions – “push as if you are trying to pass motion”. ??? I had no idea what I was expected to do, and according to her, I wasn’t making much progress. Basically, the contractions come, and I’m supposed to push, hold for 10 seconds, and repeat till the contractions are gone. Typically that would be about 3 cycles of pushing. I was getting tired, and on the verge of giving up. Asked her if there were any alternatives.


Dr Thong appears. Broke my water bag. The pushing continues…


Nathan’s born

Dean and I are so thankful that God has given us Nathan. His hand is clearly visibly through my pregnancy and delivery, and we trust that He’ll continue to guide us as we seek to bring Nathan up in His ways.

First family photo with Nathan

Friday, September 4, 2009

Maclaren Stroller Liner

I've been looking for a Maclaren stroller liner for Nathan's Maclaren Techno XT. For some reason, I can't find it in any of the shops in Singapore, and had to resort to getting it online. It is a universal liner that can be used on all Maclaren strollers. Hope Nathan likes his stroller liner. Recently, I learnt that we got to get them used to sitting in their stollers / car seats from the start, and not wait till we decide to venture out after confinement's over before they get to ride in their new "toy" for the first time. So I suppose taking him for walks in his stroller shall be one of the wake time activities in his first month at home.

Thursday, August 20, 2009


I've finished washing Nathan's new clothes, bed sheets, waterproof sheets, blankets and towels. Just took one load cos the hand-me-downs came pre-washed. :) Have packed them into his little drawers. I've also made his bed - waterproof sheet, bedsheet, blanket, beansprout pillow. His room smells of Kodomo Detergent now. Thanks to all the nicely washed clothes.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Car Seat

We were looking for a car seat that our baby can use from 0 to 4 years old. It's between that, and getting an infant carrier which can be used up to 12 months, then getting another car seat that can be used from 9 months to 4 years old. The advantage of the infant carrier is that it can be used to carry the baby in and out of the car without disturbing him too much. We figured that we will probably not be carrying our baby that way, so not much point for that. We also came across one that can be used from 0 to 7 years old. The price tag of such car seats are almost double that of the 0 to 4 years old kind. Given that we are planning to have more than one child, it did not quite make sense to get that one. That settles it. The search for a car seat that can be used from 0 to 4 years old begins.

After shopping around, we were down to two - Maxi Cosi Dori and Britax First Class. There is an ongoing promotion for the Maxi Cosi Dori, and most stores are selling it for $238. The down side is that it does not recline much and does not have much support for new borns. The Britax First Class is pricier, but has more recline positions, and looks more comfortable. Other than Mothercare, I couldn't find any other shops that carry the Britax First Class. Mothercare sells it at $468, and members get a 10% discount.

The Stroller

After much shopping around, we finally decided on the the Maclaren Techno XT. We were looking for a stroller that I'd be able to manage on my own with baby in tow. This one is light enough for me, and can be folded with one hand. We actually wanted to buy the one in scarlet red but we'd have to pay the full price for that colour. I decided to buy the one in sky blue instead. We can still get the comfort pack (for $30) in scarlet red if we decide to later on.

With the ongoing great singapore sale, all the places I've checked out are selling it at $428. Decided to make our purchase at Mothercare so that I'd get the VIP card. With the card, I can get baby's car seat at 10% discount.

Looking forward to quiet walks in the parks, grocery shopping, visits to the library/book stores, zoo outings... with baby in tow.

Monday, June 22, 2009


Antenatal Classes
We have signed up for antenatal classes at Raffles Hospital. The six 1.5 hour lessons will cost $168. Very much cheaper than Birth and Beyond. I explored the Birth and Beyond option as we were put on the waiting list for the RH class commencing 30 June. If we didn't get a confirmed place, we'd need to attend classes elsewhere as the next run will not end before I deliver. Thank God we managed to get a place in RH. I suppose it'll be better as we'll get to tour the RH labour facilities. According to the schedule and topics, the following will be covered.

Lesson 1
- Maternal Nutrition

Lesson 2
- Changes in a Woman's Body During Pregnancy
- Exercises During Pregnancy
- Safety Considerations for Each Trimester

Lesson 3
- Relaxation Through Massage
- Coping with 1st Stage Labour

Lesson 4
- Coping with 2nd Stage Labour
- Moving Around During Early Postnatal Period
- Essential Exercises for the Postnatal Mother
- Hospital Tour

Lesson 5
- Prepartion for Breastfeeding & Common Concerns

Lesson 6
- Transition into Parenthood
- Normal Characteristic / Appearance of a Newborn
- Care for the Newborn

Suppose it'll be good for Deanaling who are still pretty clueless about the labour process.

Prepartion for Parenting
Two couples we spoke to over the weekend recommended Gary Ezzo's books (the Becoming Babywise series). There are also courses based on these books that are run by Growing Families International. I've bought the books, and signed up for the course. I believe we'll be able to pick up some useful pointers on parenting from this.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

A Present for Daddy

Look what Baby got for his dearest daddy for father's day...

With the help of mommy of course. She intentionally chose the 12 to 18 months size so that Baby can still fit into it next father's day. Daddy was rather amused. :)

Monday, June 1, 2009

The Essentials

My sister compiled a list of essentials c/w her favourite brands. With the numerous brands available in the market, I suppose it can be pretty daunting for first time moms. So I'm posting the list she gave me here. If you prefer the "tried and tested", here goes...

For Baby
1) Bath/Shower gel: Cetaphil, Quwash
2) Cotton pads: Guardian
3) Nappy rash cream: Nephew & Smith
4) Diapers: Mamy Poko Newborn (night time) & Drypers Small (day time)
5) Wet wipes: Pigeon, Tolly Joy (fragrance free)
6) Comb: Pigeon
7) Nail scissors: Pigeon
8) Milk bottles: Pigeon (buy 2 of the smallest size for water)
9) Pacifier: Avent (set of 2)
10) Bean sprout pillow: Spring Maternity

For Mommy
1) Breast pads: Tolly Joy
2) Sanitary pads: Kotex Ultra Thin, Cottony, Ultra Long with Wings
3) Nursing bra: Mothers En Vogue, Spring Maternity, Mothercare
4) Nipple cream: Cocoa Butter

Monday, May 11, 2009

Oh boy!

Went for my 20 week scan last Thursday. Dr Tan took measurements of our baby's head circumference (HC), abdominal circumference (AC), femur length (FL), biparietal diameter (BPD), and compared these measurements with the norms. Everything fell within the expected range, so there's no cause for concern. The EDD by scan coincides with the EDD by date, which is supposed to indicate that the baby is the right size for dates. The doctor also confirmed that we're going to have a baby boy. Thank God the baby's growing well. It is so amazing seeing how our baby has grown over the last few months. From the first time we saw him at week 7, till now, when we can see his entire form taking shape.

"I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderfull, I know that full well." Psalm 139:4

We are now thinking of a name for our baby. For now, he's affectionately known as 'Baby'. Dean has been talking to him eversince I told him that according to what I've been reading, babies can hear us while they are in the womb, and we should start talking to them now. so they can recognise our voices. He has already decided that Baby will be attending ACJS and joining Scouts.

My tummy has started to show in recent weeks (around week 19). I read that my tummy line will increase by 1cm every week from now. Dean says he's not used to seeing me so big. I've started taking out the maternity outfits that my big sister passed to me. Great that I get to save some money here. We'll also probably be getting some pre-loved baby clothes from her. Thank God for big sisters.

We have to start clearing out the spare room, and turning it into a nursery. I suppose it'll be good to get this done before I hit the third trimester, when I'll have a bigger tummy to manage. Setting up the room will be fun!

We're praying that God will continue to watch over our little family of three, that the baby will grow strong and healthy, and that He'll prepare Dean and I for our journey ahead as parents.

Monday, April 20, 2009

A Short Holiday

Deanaling spent a lovely weekend in Batam, at a resort called Tempat Senang. It is a small resort with only 5 suites, each decorated with a different theme. I understand that the resort just opened about six months back. It is well maintained, and though small, has all that we need to wind down, to relax, to take a step back from our hectic schedules in Singapore. We liked the idea that it is nestled on a hill next to a golf course with plenty of greenery. It was nice waking up to the sound of running water and crickets.

The owners are really friendly, easy people. It was a pleasure staying with them. They have a dog and a parrot who supposedly has an amazing vocabulary!

We enjoyed the 3-hour long spa treatments. I think the spa and accommodation packages are value-for-money. There is an ongoing Citibank promotion that gives you about $50 off the rates published on the website.

Just a 40 minute ferry ride away from Harbourfront Ferry Terminal... time to pack your bags and go!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Pain in the butt!

I can't quite remember when the pain started. When I change positions... like from sitting down to standing up, or lying down to standing up, I get this pain in my right butt. A few weeks back, I decided to vacuum and mop the entire house. Bad decision! After the job was done, the pain was excruciating. Good thing it went back to 'normal' (i.e. bearable) after a few days.

Was wondering if it is a normal occurrence for pregnant ladies, or if there were other causes for concern. So I did a google, and found that they actually have a name for what I'm suffering from - Pelvic Girdle Pain (PGP). Now, I'm wondering if there is a remedy for PGP. I shall ask Dr Thong at my next appointment.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Two plus baby makes three

Yes! We are expecting our first child this September.

Dean & I first found out on 22 Jan, but we didn't tell our parents till 3 Feb, after our first visit to the obstetrician.

Initial reactions
Ling's > Yay!
Dean's > So fast?!
Thereafter, a mix of anticipation and anxiety.

It has been a pretty good first trimester. Morning sickness sets in in the evenings (which is good since I'd most likely be home from work by then), and I threw up less than 10 times the whole 3 months. So thankful cos I absolutely hate feeling nauseous.

I hear that I'll feel a whole lot better in the second trimester. :) Got to get myself out of the house and keep up with regular exercise. The doctor says that swimming is good and it'll help strengthen my back muscles for delivery.

Praying that our baby will grow strong and healthy, and that God will prepare us for our journey ahead as parents.