Friday, January 23, 2015

The True Story of the Three Little Pigs

Following this conversation that we had in the car about a week ago...

Dean: When baby joins us, the three of you will be the three little pigs. So which pig are you?
Nathan: I am the pig who built the house of bricks. 
Dean: What about you Noah? 
Noah: I am the master builder pig. 
Nathan: You are the master builder pig who built the house of sticks. 
Noah: No! The master builder pig uses LEGO!

We have been reading this book every.single.night.

Noah loves it and has been asking for it every single night!

I'm not going to spill the beans here... Go get your very own copy of The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs. I'm pretty sure that it's a book that'll be enjoyed by all in the family.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

First Day of School 2015

This photo made me smile...

Both of them were excited about going back to school after a fun filled holiday. Both of them waved goodbye and walked into their respective classrooms cheerily. It is Nathan's last year in pre-school and like always, I can't believe that my boys are growing up so quickly. It is my prayer that they'll enjoy their time in school, and have wonderful memories of their pre-school years.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve Extension

The Sungei Buloh Wetland extension just opened a month ago (in Dec 2014) and we decided to check it out today. Blessed with good weather, we enjoyed an easy stroll along the coastal route. The route was mostly flat with paved or wooden plank paths. It is stroller friendly except for a section of gravel path, which might make for a slightly bumpy ride. Still, I'd recommend bringing a stroller along if you're bringing a baby / toddler who isn't capable of walking an almost 1.5km route independently.

We started at the Kranji Way entrance, which is a good starting point especially if you are taking the young ones along. The Junior Adventure Trial is right next to the Visitor Centre, and it is a good place to get the kids excited about the nature walk. The Visitor Centre houses the Mangrove Gallery which provides lots of information on what you might expect to see in a Wetland Reserve. It is a must visit before you embark on the trial, unless you plan on doubling back later.

Do visit the toilets located at the Visitor Centre before you embark on the trial, as you won't have access to one until the end of the trial.

We followed the Coastal Route (marked in red on the map below) all the way to the Wetland Reserve. It took us about 1h 15min to cover the 1.5km route at a leisurely pace. Thereafter, Dean walked thru Neo Tiew Carpark and down Neo Tiew Cresecent back to our car that was parked at the Kranji Way entrance, while we checked out the information boards at the Wetland Reserve while waiting for him to come and pick us up. It turned out to be a good arrangement as it took him just 10 minutes to get to our car, and I really doubt our boys would enjoy doubling back on the same coastal route nor walking along the road back to the car. It is recommended to visit during low tide, so do check tide timings when planning your visit.

1) Junior Adventure Trial

At the Junior Adventure Trial, kids can pretend to be mudskippers (or any mangrove creature they fancy) in a mangrove swamp. Adult supervision is recommended as some parts aren't exactly toddler friendly. The boys enjoyed riding on the pulley boat the most, and said that the Junior Adventure Trial was one of their favourite parts of the nature walk.

2) Observation Pods

There are four observation pods along the entire trial. The elevation allows visitors a bird's eye view of the Wetland Reserve. 

3) Mid Canopy Walk

A 120m long bridge takes you thru a mid canopy forest. We could hear birds, crickets and frogs as we made our way across the bridge.

4) Eagle Point

My personal favourite. Enjoy the breeze as you stroll along the board walk that takes you to the eagle point. 

5) Mud Flats

The boys liked the interactive display that tells us about the different creatures living at varying depths of the mud bed.

The mud experience involves walking across a rope bridge. Note that this is only possible during low tide. We spotted mudskippers and crabs on the mudflats. This was the other highlight for the boys.

The Sungei Buloh Wetland extension is worth a visit. Pick a day with fine weather, slap on the mosquito repellant and spend some time getting acquainted with nature. We'll be back!

Do check out the HSBC Tree Top walk as well. The Sungei Buloh Wetland reserve is more suitable for pre-schoolers though. 

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Good night! I love you!

For as long as I can remember, I would lie beside Nathan / Noah's bed after lights out, waiting for them to fall asleep before I returned to my own room. Some nights, I'd be so tired, I end up falling asleep in their room.

Nathan was fine if I went out of his room before he fell asleep, but Noah would start calling for me if he realizes that I am not there. As it was getting quite uncomfortable for me lying on the bean bags / pillows in their room with my bulging tummy, I decided that before the year ended, I'd return to my room immediately after lights out.

So today, I talked to Noah about it in the afternoon, and again in the evening.

Me: We'd read bedtime stories, pray, hug and kiss... Then mommy's going to my room to sleep. If you need something, you can ask kor kor for help... But I think you'll be fine, cos you're a big boy now. Is that okay?

Noah: Okay.

I was kinda surprised that he didn't protest. So to make sure he understood me... I asked...

Me: So after our good night hugs & kisses, where is mommy going to go?

Noah: Downstairs. And I will sleep with kor kor... When it is morning, I will see you again.

Brilliant! And we did just that tonight! With no fussing at all.

Am glad that it was so easy... But feeling that tinge of sadness cos my boys are growing up that little bit more... Reminds me of the time when Nathan first slept thru the night.

Friday, November 28, 2014

A Gift For Our Jubilee Baby

The SG50 Baby Jubilee Gift is a community initiative led by the National Population and Talent Division. Every Singaporean baby born in 2015 will be given an SG50 Baby Jubilee Gift set to commemorate their birth during Singapore’s Golden Jubilee. They will also receive a commemorative birth certificate placed in a golden SG50 folder.

We are thankful that God has blessed us with another baby... and it's extra special that he's going to be born in 2015, during Singapore's Golden Jubilee. Grow well, Golden Jubilee Baby! We can't wait to meet you. :)

Monday, November 24, 2014


KidsSTOP is an edutainment facility designed for kids 3 to 7 years old. It offers a range of hands-on activities for young children, where they get to learn about the four seasons, energy conversion, parts of the human body, gravity... in a fun way. Children also get to role play as pilots, construction workers, doctors and nurses. 

KidsSTOP operates two sessions per day for the general public. On weekdays, session 1 runs from 12pm to 3pm and session 2 runs from 4 to 7pm. On weekends, session 1 runs from 10 to 2pm and session 2 runs from 3 to 7pm. Tickets are valid for only one session. What this meant was that the place was not overly crowded, and the children did not have to wait for more than 5 minutes at each station. 

The boys enjoyed working with blocks, balls and a make-believe crane at the build zone.

Bob the Builder

Operating a "crane"

Bob at his work bench

Then they pretended to be pilots at the flight zone. The boys had a glimpse of what a cockpit looks like, though it probably doesn't look as complicated as an actual airplane's. 

Pilots wannabes

Pretending to fly a plane

Next we tried our hand at converting kinetic energy to light and sound energy. The children could either pedal with their legs or work a hand-crank wheel. 

I can generate wind and light energy!

Through shopping at a supermarket, the boys learnt about the different food groups, and the importance of eating healthily. They had fun filling their shopping baskets and couldn't resist "buying" their favorite chocolates.


Beep! Beep!

At the human body section, we got to measure our weight. Nathan, who weighs about 16kg, is as heavy as a bag containing 2,540 $1 coins.

As heavy as 2,540 $1 coins

We also saw the various part of the human body and understand the functions of some of our organs.

Dr Nathan at work

Nathan also experienced free falling and the effects of gravity. I was surprised he agreed to try, but he refused to go more than once. After being suited up, he was told to lie on a slide and hold on to a handlebar. The handlebar was raised to a height of 4 meters, and he was supposed to let go! Wheee!

Suited up an ready to go...

Hold on tight!


All in all, it was an afternoon well spent. Recommended for families with kids aged 3 to 7 years old.

See you there!

For details on tickets, opening hours and latest maintenance schedules, check out KidsSTOP's official website.